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How Long Have We Got To Live?

In our post “What A Beautiful Day, A Humpin’ an’ a Shovin'” Ecolizzy commented on the work of the work of James Lovelock, such as this review of The Revenge of Gaia, and asked what I thought. Lizzy also said she may have heard the same theories somewhere else. It was probably me again on a Newsnight Blog.

The state of the Earth and the climate change debate in the 21st century was stimulated by two influential works. First was our submission to a UN Environment and Development-UK report commissioned by the UK Government. Here in 2002 we gave the risk assessment that climate change was a greater threat than terrorism.  after the UK Government’s Chief Scientist gave it global publicity in 2004, it became a cliche on the environment. World leaders, media and environmental organisations all used it. TV companies based programming around it. Al Gore even quoted it when he was notified of his Nobel Prize.

Though to be fair it was more an attempt to draw attention away from the build up of war in Iraq, and towards a greater awareness of the ecological and environmental situation of the planet in general. The recommendation was to look at climate change and Africa rather than war as a solution to resolving problems with the global dynamic.  Climate change and Africa becoming the agenda of the 2005 Perthshire G8. The Stern Report then following on from the G8.

The second influential work was the report to the President from the Pentagon, An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario. This brought the climate problem to the White House and the American media.

Now Lovelock considers we have gone past a point of no return. That we have done so much damage to the planet it is irreversible. Later this week Prince Charles will make a statement that we have 100 months before change cannot be reversed.

Our view is in between. Our models indicate we have about 3.5 years. It is not though just an isolated climate change situation, it is the collapse of the planet’s total ecological life support system which is the problem.

Once we recognise that and all work together, we might just have a future for this beautiful planet and all life we share it with.


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Economic Sabotage: Request for Help

Are there any solicitors, police officers or journalists reading this blog who know how to report Economic Sabotage to the police.In 2006, 27th October, I had evidence and knew of a situation to deliberately depress the UK economy by £50 billion per year. Around 4.5% of GDP.

Knowing this alone would crash the UK economy I reported it to a Scottish police force.

I expected to be interviewed by Fraud, Special Branch or serious organised crime or terrorist related units. As I live in a rural area they sent the local beat bobby.

As the offences were committed in England I reported it as Economic Sabotage believing this to carry cross border jurisdiction.

The officer decided the offences were criminal. I got a letter 6 weeks later from a Superintendent saying this in writing. They couldn’t investigate as they were outside the jurisdiction of Scottish police.

Nevertheless Scottish police knew more than 2 years ago the Scottish and UK economy would collapse, when it would and the magnitude to within 12.5%. Had they been able to respond there was a good chance much of the present damage could have been avoided.

As there was no criminal investigation, the problem is the media, politicians, economists and bankers are getting symptoms and consequences confused with causes. Hence whatever they do will not resolve the problem, as they do not have the full facts.

Though I contributed to 2 Nobel Prizes in 2007, these were climate change related, so I am still a relative outsider with economics, law and the media.

In December 2007 I was asked to review the Scottish Government’s economic development strategy for an economics glossy. Knowing the Scottish, UK and global economies would crash I wrote this.

This is the not the final sub edit finished piece. Which was published on 18th January 2008 in Newstart (Vol 10 No 417). But is very close with only minor changes to bring it into ‘house style’. In the final paragraphs I put my warning. Global markets collapsed 3 days after it was published in print form as predicted (and known).

If there are any journalists, police officers or solicitors who can assist it would be appreciated. I have tried nearly every law firm in Perth and Dundee and it just seems out of their scope. I am not even sure the police fully grasp the situation. I still think Economic Sabotage is a cross border issue that could be investigated by Scottish police.

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