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Who Pays the Ferryman?

# 73 JJ “No doubt it’s partly a consequence of our predatory liberal-democratic consumerism…..”

“A few hours later Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, in effect accused the prime minister of mis-managing the public finances. “We are confronted with a situation where the scale of deficits is truly extraordinary,” he told the Commons Treasury committee. “This reflects the scale of the global downturn, but it also reflects the fact that we came into this crisis with fiscal policy on a path that wasn’t sustainable.”

“It gets worse. Balls has suggested most of his education budget will be preserved. In that case, according to Chote, the scale of the cuts Labour would have to make for other departments would rise to 13.5% over three years.”


AEG Live and AEG Europe are the promoters of the Michael Jackson concerts at the Millennium Dome. When the Government ‘sold’ the Dome to AEG. Part of the deal was ‘payment’ back to the Government (public purse)would be deferred until the venture came into profitability.

As it stands now AEG have 50 cancelled dates at the Dome. There is some debate as to whether they will be able to fill all if any of those slots.

The Dome and AEG will not be making any money.If the don’t get income they don’t make a profit. If they don’t make a profit they don’t have to pay the Government (us) back.

Follow the money. Private risk, public and social underwriting. The high risk MJ concerts (as I said were never going to happen) were effectively underwritten by Government, public, your money.

Now they didn’t tell you that on NN.

Whacko Jacko or Whacko Government?


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Male/Female West/East. When Cultures Clash.

Being aware that the site is having visitors following a discussion on the BBC Newsnight site about Islam and female attitudes. I probably do need to write a post about it at some point. But at the moment I have a tremendous work load with related issues of our core project the stabilisation of planetary ecological systems.

In order to establish a sustainable future for all life on this planet. All people without division and all animals and plants. I feel it is important to know as much as people wish to contribute.

This is a BBC Newsnight blog thread which seemed to touch on and weave around and through the Burqa debate (however it is spelt).

This is a post from the site Aquol about female Muslim body hair removal and other things.

I will construct an article. But it is more important to try and get some communication and understanding. Please feel free to leave a comment here and even enter into a dialogue with other visitors.

I’ll add to this post as ideas evolve.

As-Salamu Alaykum

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Formula 1 The New Competition

Lawyers v Engineers The F1 argument is very interesting. The controllers (the lawyers) don’t want the manufacturers to eh, manufacture cars and engines. The lawyers want cloned cars with identical engines, the difference being only the superstar drivers. (very simple explanation).

The manufacturers (the engineers) don’t want to be told they are no longer wanted. They still want to do what they do. Design and make things. So the engineers have said if don’t want us we will take our cars that we have built and we will race them against each other without you.

The lawyers then become angry and say if you take your cars and race them against each other without us we will take legal action and take you to court and sue you for � 1 billion. The lawyers say you must race our way. You can have �40 million to run your entire team build your cars and pay all your engineers.

Much clattering of computers, scientific calculators and slide rules as equations are differentiated, integration and extrapolated. That is less than one half of a Manchester United footballer, the engineers discover. The lawyers forgot that in the beginning when the engineers first built their cars and raced them against each other there were no lawyers. And now the engineers don’t want them again.

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The Green Lie

Without putting references regular readers will know that even though I contributed to 2 Nobel Prizes relating to climate change in 2007. I abhor the word Green. This is one example why.

Eco Tech: Lamar Advertising going green with new solar-powered billboards

Eco Factor: Billboard uses solar power and light-reflecting digital light.

Lamar Advertising, which has been operating a poster-size billboard equipped with magink’s technology in Pensacola, Fla, is now testing its new digital billboard technology. The motive behind this attempt is to provide an alternative to current digital billboards polluting the environment. It’s a sort of blending of solar power and light-reflecting digital light. That means no more light-emitting diodes and less energy consumption. Instead of giving a feel of a lighted sign, it looks like a paper. Along with lowering energy consumption, these billboards are also capable of delivering higher resolutions than LED boards. Technology is developed by U.K. and Israel-based magink and can prove to be a blessing to areas like Los Angeles facing municipal and legislative opposition to building out digital boards.

It is considered ‘green’ to use solar power to advertise to increase consumption and hence destabilize the planets ecological life support systems.

How is this sustainable ecologically? It isn’t but it is still called green. Ignore greenwashing. 


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Purnell, Brown et al

Politics is not really important. It is a minority diversion as it is.

If earthworms, bees, plankton and soil nitrifying bacteria disappeared tomorrow. Then that is a problem you should be really really worried about. Purnell, Brown et al are just some self created diversion of your concern.

Earthworms, bees, plankton and nitrogen fixing bacteria don’t have agents, spin doctors, media consultants, PR companies etc. They do their work without payment. So they can’t afford the media spotlight like politicians and the media circus.

So I work for them for nothing. So I don’t get paid, so I am poor. But at least the work is worthwhile and properly important. Unlike politicians resigning. Which in the cosmic scheme of things, as I said before are here today and gone tomorrow.

“but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that. Now, now… Here’s looking at you kid.”

Recognise the quote?

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David Carradine: Kung Fu

Did it influence you?

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