Working Bearded Collie Information

 As I only have experience of a working strain Bearded Collie, that is what I have biased the information toward.  An internet search for ‘Bearded Collie’ pulls up the numerous links for the Kennel Club and international standards for the breed, and from people who have the knowledge and experience of the pedigree aspects. I will at some point supplement these links with my own observations, from a background of ecology etc.

Training the WBC: Visit our You Tube channel for the evolving training with Seiben the WBC who has come to stay.

The Song of Ruskin: An ongoing true story of a mystery puppy, which only after 8 years was identified as a WBC. Some insight of the learning curve they go through. A rate many dog owners would not be able to keep up with or have the time to devote to. If you can’t the dog’s and your life will be ruined.

Magic Boxes, Horns, Thieves and Warriors: A mix of Bearded Collies history, psychology, lesson for owners from the the best Working Bearded Collie ever. These are part of his teachings.

Working Bearded Collie Society: The gallery pictures are excellent for those not familiar with the working strain. The news letter links are really worth a read, as many are from people using the dogs in a working environment. 

Brambledale Bearded Collies: An extremely authoritative site, especially for those with interest in the politics of breed with respect to Kennel Club and the introduction of working dogs into the current gene pool. Up to date and relevant for both working and pedigree owners.

Powertripp ‘working’ Bearded Collies: A US site though specialist in Border Collies has an interesting perspective on the WBC. 

Herding Beardies and Friends: Owners discovering the potential of their dogs for herding. A fun site with Beardies exploring their ‘roots’.

The Bearded Collie Club of Canada: An brief but useful history of the breed.

Shepherds With Beardies: A site under construction, but one for those also with a scholarly interest in the history. Has had a recent slight update 26th January if you visited it before.

Stop the Show: Probably a not up to date page, but again covers the working and pedigree debate.

Ramsgrove Beardies: Another discussion of in breeding, this time from within the pedigree world.

Got Pets Online: A curious article in a commercial setting. But unexpectedly seems to have been written by someone who does know the breed.

Tassietay Working Bearded Collies: Breeder with experience of both pedigree and working dogs. Their knowledge shows with respect to the working strain. Note well their cautions as regard ownership. Though I have to say from experience some of their negative points can be rectified easily in the context of an overall zeitgeist.

Bearded Collies Herding Association: Looks like a Canadian based site, will check. Another under construction site. Has a links some of the above sites, and a technical interview on Beardie herding for those that want that depth of assessment.

World of Dogs: Graham Nicholsons Page: Another account of the working Beardie. There was once an advert warning against the dangers of heroin, with the tag line “I can handle that”. You must look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Am I smaller than 100 head of wild Scottish cattle that have not seen a human for 6 months”. If you are, you will never be able to handle a full on working Beardie. You will only ever be able to work with one.

Beardie Basic and Beyond: A book review but comprehensive and with so many extracts useful as an article in it’s own right.

Herding Terms and Descriptions: From a Border Collie site but useful with more Beardie owners interested in herding, at least I now know what they are talking about on One Man and His Dog.

Artisan Ode to Joy, Meg Herding: Crossing over into pedigree Beardies but the pedigree will interest aficionados of the WBC/pedigree crossover, and the link for the video will guarantee 5 minutes of amusement, some of the still pictures don’t appear to load.

Alpes Beardies: Another account of the history of the Bearded Collies. Other pages are in French and seem quite informative, if you can read French.

Rough Collies of Distinction: From a Rough Collie site but a brief history of all herding dogs in Scotland.

Bearding the Sheepdog by Col David Hancock: From Dogs in Canada one of my favourite articles on the history of the Beardie.

The Border Collie Museum: The Old English Sheepdog page, but it is looking at all the relatives of the breed. Here there are old pictures of WBC I have never seen before. The whole site is worth looking at for the history of herding dogs.

The History of the Bearded Collie: By Suzanne Moorhouse. The interest here for me is the original breed standard.

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