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Not A Lot of People Know That

The Fukushima Nuclear Complex had only half the design strength to cope with the earthquake last week, measured in ground acceleration.



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A Japanese Joke

How do you tell a Japanese prostitute?

She’s the one in the fishnets.

Another Japanese joke is the Bank of Japan has pumped 33 trillion yen into the financial system to do various financial things. That is £259 billion.

So why is my supermarket collecting loose change for Japanese children. Why is the media full of images of people without food, water or shelter. Why are desperate people wandering on their own looking for the bodies of their loved ones? Why is fuel and heating running out? Why?

Perhaps if they had only put £258 billion into the financial markets, and put £1 billion looking after their people. Perhaps it may have made some slight difference.

Again this insane world has done it again. Why is the imaginary money of the bankers more important than life?

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LongTerm Japanese Earthquake

Addition to world food shortages. Food prices rose after Pakistan and Australian flooding. How much of Japanese coastal food production has been hit.

Following Australian floods concern expressed of pollution damage to coastal waters and Great Barrier Reef.

What is the impact on Japanese coastal waters due to toxins and pollution being swept off the land?

One trigger for Middle East unrest was increase in world food prices. What affect will japanese situation have on global social unrest?

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