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What’s Killing the Honey Bee?


Good video from BBC related to ecological system collapse.

Contact Celtic Lion for our ecological services


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Legacy of Corby. Good or Bad for the Future?

Mr Justice Akenhead, ruled in the High Court London today, 29th July 2009 that Corby Council was liable “for their birth defects after their mothers were exposed to an ‘atmospheric soup of toxic materials’. In respect of an action regarding birth defects suffered by a group of children.

Read the Daily Telegraph reporting here for more background.

Is this good or bad news for the future of these children and the rest of the planet?

One of the issues of the the last 100 years has been the dumping of toxic waste of all kinds in many different places. This has occurred both on land and in the oceans. Without full regulation the extent is unknown.

One of the back stories to the pirate take over of ships off East African for ransom, is the claims that Somalia has been used so extensively for the dumping of toxic waste that due to the poisoning of the land and coastal waters, traditional incomes have been lost. Hence the need for ‘alternative pirate income’.

Other countries and corporations have been able to dump there to get round their own rules or costs involved in the disposal of waste.

Whatever the reasons or who has done the dumping or what has been disposed, both now and in the past, where ever it is on the planet. It has got to be cleaned up and all of it made safe.

The risk of contamination to the planets bio-sphere is immense. Heavy metals, radioactive and toxic chemical waste has to be cleaned up. If we are going to experience a change in climate, ecosystems must be able to respond. Additional stress due to toxins will most likely contribute to planetary ecosystem collapse. The extinction of most of the 60 million species of animal and plant and the deaths of 6 billion people.

With an obsession in the media and politics on just the nice simple soundbite of climate change, the real dangers to the planet have been missed. Synergistic, multi factor causation of the collapse of the earth’s ecological life support systems.

Linking over population, over consumption, pollution, species extinction, natural exploitation, social chaos, climate, war and conflict etc. This will occur far quicker than the ‘climate only’ scenario popularised in the media. Those involved in the climate change only problem, discuss the need for the reduction of CO2 emissions by whatever they decide by 2050.

The need for long term goal setting is vital in determining the strategy required to offset future predicted disasters. (Though in the case of climate change. Here I would prefer to avoid a discussion of will it won’t it, is it caused by man etc. A significant proportion of present political and economic work on this subject is based on my original work. Unfortunately against scientific methodology and even etiquette. Those who use my work do not cite me or refer back. Unfortunately a game of Chinese whispers have been played, the original meaning has been lost and the game will probably end in tears. Well death.)

Please contact me for a talk, effective strategy or other services.

In terms of climate change. It is appreciated that someone shouts a warning of a Tiger infront on a distant hill, but inadequate if the Rattlesnake behind is just about to bite you on the bum.

The most immediate and total threat is the collapse of planetary ecological life support systems (of which a changing climate is but an integrated part). Removing all toxic waste from the planet’s biosphere is a vital part of ensuring all our survival.

Looking at the Corby ruling, let us extrapolate. Let us not go into detail. Not having read all the evidence and submissions. I have to assume you haven’t either.

Would you agree that a council has been involved in cleaning up a steel works? Would you agree the court has ruled that in this project, the council has contributed to birth defects?

What would have happened if the council had not cleaned up the steel works? The contamination would still be on the site? (This is within the terms of reference of the court evidence).

Who would be responsible if the contamination was left on the site? Who would be responsible if the contamination then caused birth defects? It is a steel works. Does anyone drive a car made with steel? Does anyone have items at home made with steel? Does anyone work in a building made with steel? Has anyone been on a train, with steel wheels on a steel track?

What the intention is, is not to apportion blame but to look at the wider issues. Did the council know at the time the contamination could be linked with birth defects? if this information was available and known, were the council negligent in procedure in removing and transporting waste from the steel works?

What if the contamination was just left at the steel works and remained there until today?

These questions are relevant?

Prince Charles is quite rightly banging the drum, to get attention that we have 96 months to ‘save the planet’. Not quite correct as the planet will got rid of the parasite or virus called humans polluting and destroying it. In a 100 million years time once we have have gone and our mess processed and resolved by natural ecological systems. The planet may evolutionary give rise to another wiser race than ourselves, that will live with the rest of the life processes of the planet and take the course of evolution to the next stage.

A stage that we were too stupid and ignorant to attain to. Any memories in the cosmic mind will justifiably only remember us as ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’. A potential destroyer of worlds that had to be disposed of. We will be the toxin of life.

Where Prince Charles is incorrect is the time span. His 96 months is based on the climate only models. When we add the other factors mentioned such as over population, over consumption, pollution etc. The provisional whole Earth system model brings this down to around 42 months before the extinction of the human race and the deaths of 6 billion people begins together with the loss of all higher life forms on the planet.

Part of the essential strategy to prevent this is to clean up the entire planet of toxic waste.

Now to stop the deaths of billions of people and the extinction of most life on the planet, the courts have initiated a precedent. If one person dies, is injured or suffers birth defects. The project with a mission of saving 6 billion plus lives will be held libel by the courts.

Who will take the challenge and what are the moral issues involved?

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Tour de Force

Well the Tour de France is over for another year. Superb. Congratulations to Bradley Wiggins for his 4th place overall and Mark Cavendish for his record number of stage wins including the final in Paris.

Special thanks must go to ITV4 for their excellent coverage. For those who never watched, it is the ultimate soap. The first night it is names and confusion over what is going on. The second some names and small themes reoccur. After that it is absorbing.

Somehow it is the psychology and complex game play. How different riders and different teams must co-operate in order for one of them to win. And within this and connected, the sub plots, the one upmanship, the power plays and politics.

Just all too much to describe, watch the highlights at ITV4

Final Lap of Champs Elysees

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….And We’ve Been Caught

So what is the object  in the picture below. A takeaway food carton, a video case, the inside of an empty chocolate box?


Something far more sinister and available on your High Street for a £1.

It is an adhesive rat trap. Quite simply a shallow plastic tray, which opens out and the insides coated in a strong glue.

The unsuspecting rat steps on it and becomes stuck. If left it either starves to death, or bites or rips it’s own legs off to escape. There are no instructions on the box on what to do with a live rat stuck to a piece of plastic!

Rat cruelty kit
Rat cruelty kit



Are rats really a problem? Or are they just a way of telling human society we create too much waste,  leave rubbish about and have disrupted the ecological balances which would keep their numbers in check.

What ever people think about rats, is this anyway to treat another living being? What does it say about our society that we have become so desensitised about inflicting suffering on the rest of the living world, that on the High Street we can buy such cruel  items?

Please make others aware of this product and the unimaginable pain and suffering it inflicts on another living being. Celtic Lion along with others thinks this barbaric practice and product should be stopped. Please forward this link to others to increase the realisation of the ‘instant cruelty kits’  that  can be bought in a shop near you.

What sort of minds ever thought this was a good idea?


One of our friends from the dog world has posted the link on their fancy rat owners forum, as they said, it is barbaric. Thanks for steady stream of interest we have had to the site.

PETA have been contacted and we are awaiting a reply.

Dear Roger,

Thank you for contacting us about glue traps.

Glue traps are one of the cruelest methods of killing rodents ( Trapped mice suffer immeasurably during the days it takes for them to die of starvation and dehydration. Glue traps rip patches of skin and fur off the animals’ bodies as they struggle to escape, and many mice even chew off their own legs in trying to free themselves. A few of the “luckier” mice get their noses and mouths stuck in the glue and suffocate, but even this takes hours. If you should ever come across a mouse or any animal caught on a glue trap, you can free the animal by applying any type of cooking or baby oil to the animal’s body and gently working him or her free.

Besides being cruel, glue traps and other lethal methods will not control rodent populations. When animals are removed from an area, more will move in to occupy the newly vacant niche. The only long-term way to control rodent populations is to modify the habitat so that the area is unattractive or inaccessible to animals.

There is a lot you can do to help animals. Any time you see glue traps being used or sold in a hardware store, grocery store, or anywhere else, be sure to send a letter to the manager of the store, asking him or her to remove the glue traps from the premises or the shelves. You may wish to indicate that you will find another place to shop until the store no longer promotes the cruel killing of animals, and you can suggest that the store use or sell humane catch-and-release box traps for mice instead. It is possible to change store policies—we have had numerous successes in convincing stores to no longer carry or use glue traps!

To learn more about ways to help rodents and other free-roaming animals, please visit Thank you again for contacting us and for your compassion for animals.


Best regards,


Eva Kwolek

PETA Europe

PO Box 36668



Someone has contacted the shop owners suppliers.

National Animal Rights Association have contacted us and will be notifying their members and looking out for the trap

Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  reply

FOA Roger Thomas

In response to your enquiry, I can confirm that this method of rodent control is not illegal in Scotland. However, under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, any animal becomes a “Protected animal” when it is “under the control of man, whether on a temporary or permanent basis”.

Therefore an animal in such a trap is a protected animal – and if it suffers unnecessarily as a result of poor practice in the use/maintenance of such a trap, or as a failure to release or dispose of

the animal in an appropriate manner, then an offence of causing unnecessary suffering under section 19 of the said act, may have been commited.

Clearly with regards the use of such a trap, we would like to point out that there can be many other avenues to consider where a rodent problem occurs and we would ask any member of public to avoid the use of such traps. Where they are used; regular monitoring must be maintained t0 ensure that no animal suffers unnecessarily.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Fiona Greig

Chief Inspector

Scottish SPCA

Inland Pet Talk

BBC Newsnight Blog

Helping Animals

Wild Care

Hi Roger,

Great! Hopefully we can make a difference and get people to stop using these horrible things.




Alison Hermance

Web Manager




Potland Indy Media

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Doors of Perception and Riding the Wave

Oh, what a fitting reply
When questions asked I
Clangers, he says, to my moon and baboon
We should be in touch again quite soon

His matrix and my matrix, though different constructions
In common they come to similar deductions
We meet on the waves of thermodynamics
Art, music, poetry, state economics

                                                                                                      Mimpromtu from BBC Newsnight Blog


Shake dreams from your hair

My pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day and choose the sign of your day

The day’s divinity

First thing you see.

A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon

Words by Jim Morrison


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How Did They Do That?

Just searching for applied planetary engineering and this appeared near the top of the list. Wow.

At the bottom they even got my brief resume when I was one of the scientists that set up the new generation of climate models. How did they know all these were my work? How did they know the difference between me and other Roger Thomas’.

I don’t know how they did it, but they were good.

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