The Celtic Dog Pack

For those who have met us at the North Inch, around Perth Centre, at the Kennel Club Bronze Award at the Bearded Collie Club (Scotland Branch). Seiben has come to stay!


So thanks to Lyn Armour and the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland for trusting him with me. So whose idea was it to bring a rehomed working bearded collie with an – alleged – list of behavioural problems to a top floor flat in the centre of the city?

Anyway Seiben has raised a number of talking points, one topic often cropping up. How was Seiben trained and how does Cesar Millian The Dog Whisperer’s methods relate? Questions and discussions to be had over the coming months and a lot more I hope.

Apart from the people I know personally I have been asked about which dog trainers have influenced me in my interaction with Seiben. First the incredible Emily Larlham and Zak George who told me it was OK for me to treat dogs the way I have always treated them.

We are on the North Inch Perth. Most days twice a day. Please leave you comments or get in contact through the contacts page.

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