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So There Was a Deliberate Crash

For the non followers of Formula 1, here is a brief recap of a story. A young Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet jr a few weeks ago came out with a story that he had been deliberately been told to crash. This resulted in the safety car coming out to slow all the other race cars to slow down.

The cars took an opportunity to stop and refuel. His team mate Fernando Alonso having already refuelled took advantage of this and already having refuelled went on to win the race.

When Nelson told his story he was mainly ridiculed for coming out with such a preposterous idea. Now it looks like he was telling the truth.

Did I tell you the one about a local authority who many years ago knew in advance about the 2007 UK floods? By stopping the prevention of the flooding they got a considerable amout of money. They were even helped by their local police force in a dirty tricks campaign. 

Just check, yes I did.


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Criminal Record Checks

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about” or variations on the phrase is used by some people to describe their feeling over criminal records checks or ID cards.

Though well meaning, this is a naivety born out of a lack of experience. What many people don’t realise is that police officers are permitted to access the Police National Computer and enter false data about a member of the public, without telling the person concern. Police Officers are allowed to access the PNC and quite simply give someone a made up criminal history.

Here is a real set of incident reports. As in real police paperwork, the incident reports not being real though. Just made up, fiction, a fantasy.  The police access the PNC file false incident reports so later they can forge arrest and custody records. This allows them later to send police officers in to court and lie on oath. Give evidence of an arrest, that only ever existed in their imagination and the unlawful entries they make in the police computer system.

Look at the official police record first. Can you spot the falsifications?  It might help if you have a calculator or a pen and paper. 

Then read the chronological analysis for the result. Do you agree with it? The entire case is fictitious, just look at the numbers. 

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports


Assessment of the Police Log

Assessment of the Police Log


This is an example from Crewe Police in Cheshire. It is part of a Trojan prosecution made up in it’s entirety by the police. A large scale project was being undertaken  to verify UK flood models and if they were correct implement the prevention strategy.

Certain individuals and organisations had an interest in ensuring the flood models were not verified to ensure the UK would suffer catastrophic flooding. Crewe police agreed to forge an entire designer prosecution package to shut the project down.

Police officers are permitted to enter the Police National Computer and make false entries if it allows the conviction of innocent members of the public who have not committed any offence, not been arrested for any offence or charged with any offence.

It is possible for members of the public to approach a police officer and have them give another person a false criminal history if they want to make them lose their job or close their business etc. Or in this case ensure predicted flooding was not prevented.


The author was originally a metallurgist and material scientist. He has worked on forensics, quality control and R&D. He has prepared evidence for the MoD and was part of the group which set up the new generation of UK climate models which contributed to the 2007 Nobel Prize.

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Lion Connections

Picture from David Icke’s site after Earwicga sent us a quote fron Kathy Kelly’s book, Other Lands Have Dreams,

 “Courage is the ability to control your fear and courage is contagious.”


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How the UK Was Flooded

Part of an email sent to a Perth and Kinross Councillor

This is a review of my work in Crewe and Nantwich. I was considered, so I was told, the new Einstein, Darwin, Galileo etc of climate change and Earth system technology.

 In 1991 Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council asked me to write an executive summary of how to change Crewe from an existing world leader in the rail industry to a world leader in global environmental management. I submitted the report, (I still have the original typed non photocopy) and gave a presentation.

 All you need to now focus on is flooding. In this report Crewe and Nantwich knew the date of the onset of catastrophic UK flooding was the 9th December 2006.

 A week later I had a message to meet a Cheshire County Council, for Crewe Central. Sorry about the borough and county councillors they are different in England.

 He was friends with a professor who had assisted me with my prediction technology. Cllr Nelson had discovered CNBC had submitted my work to the UK Government as their Economic Development Strategy, and received £10 million.

 There was never any intention of giving me the money to create the jobs, stop UK flooding and CNBC were never going to implement the strategy. They didn’t want the jobs creating as by maintaining artificially high levels of unemployment they could continue to get grants from central government to address the situation they had deliberately created.

 The councillor was a very very frightened man. He told me this was a £10 million fraud. he told me not to go to the police as Cheshire Constabulary were too close to CNBC. He told me if I ever did anything to draw attention to the fact I was the real author of the report, expose CNBC etc. I was going to be disposed of. CNBC were going to allow the UK flooding beginning 9th December 2006 to happen to cover the up how they obtained the £10 million.

 The councillor resigned put his house up for sale and moved almost immediately.

 I was between a rock and a hard place to stop the flooding and people dying I was going to have to risk my own life. 1998 came and the opportunity presented itself. The right people were surrounding me. The Mayor who was a Lib Dem councillor and had known what the Labour group were doing. Business advisors etc.

 On 15th April 1998 I was asked to attend Crewe police station voluntary. Like fool I went, I was told it was over a vague matter. I was grabbed locked up. A police officer shouted at me for an hour about things I didn’t understand or agree with. I was then tortured and nearly killed.

 Custody Seargeant Brierley told me I was going to be left to die in the cell if I didn’t sign a release paper. Close to death I signed the paper. he then took my job and business off me as police bail as a condition of my release and told me to attend South Cheshire Magistrates Court as a condition of my release in a months time and the Magistrate would sort it out.

 When I attended the CPS started telling the court I had committed a vicious assault. This was the first I knew. I week later I got disclosure from the CPS. About arrest for assault and harassment of an ex girlfriend. Statements from police officers about an arrest that never happened etc.

 When I went to court the Magistrates (Labour Councillors?) and the clerk would not permit opening statements, cross examination of the prosecution evidence, allow me to give evidence or allow closing statement.

 I lost my job, my business, my house, my entire career and was made homeless. Still being threatened by the police. I could no longer teach, do community work. I was completely destroyed. Discredited, homeless and broke.

 An ex girl friend who worked for the local authority, who knew the entire story, who imagined I didn’t want to marry her had ‘dobbed’ me up. I had always expected a gang of hired thugs with baseball bats.

 Once I got my hands on the case file. I could put it together. I had originally been a metallurgist and had worked on MoD projects. R&D, quality control, forensics. I had prepared evidence on which the Chiefs of Staff based operational decisions on. to untangle what Crewe police had done was simple bread and butter.

 In Crewe the police were working with local solicitors. In England and Wales the law is different. Under PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Everyone has a right to a solicitor paid for under the legal aid scheme when they are in a police station.

 The police get innocent members of the public, children, people who have never been in trouble before and don’t know the system. The police torture, abuse and threaten them. Then unlawfully access the Police National Computer. Here they can make up fictitious details of arrest that never happened. It doesn’t have to be on that day. They can invent one at any day. It has to be at the specific time as they cannot change the clock time of the PNC but they can change the date. Same with false incident reports giving someone an entirely fictitious criminal record.

 From this the fabricate a set of forged custody records to pretend someone has been arrested for an offence the police have made up. The custody records are given to a solicitor to sign. he signs that all procedures have been complied with and he has interviewed the client and represented them.

 Which he hasn’t. He claims his £400 or so for no more than signing his name. On a set of forged custody records which couldn’t exist if he hadn’t helped forge them. The police get a 100% clear up rate for offences they have invented in their entirety along with all the arrest paperwork and documentation.

 The innocent person is put into court. A police officer who has made a false statement gives evidence of an arrest that was never made, for an offence that never existed. The court comprised of magistrates, (other solicitors and local councillors) find the innocent person guilty to protect the police and solicitors scam.

 The police were not happy when they found out I knew how they were doing it. they sent Sergeant Reg Orret round with some of his henchmen to more or less tell me I was going to be killed if I pursued the matter.

 At this point I have a long term partner and here children and we all loved one another. But now she and the kids could be used to get at me. All I could do was go to police complaints. They refer it back to Professional Standards of Cheshire Constabulary. These have to mount a cover up to prevent their officers being charged with perjury, perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert, torture, fraud, unlawful imprisonment. The officer who mounted the cover up was Inspector Stephen Bailey.

 In January 2002 he knew 100% that the UK was going to experience catastrophic flooding. Cheshire Constabulary had to allow the UK to flood to protect their officers from very serious crimes.

 I couldn’t risk my family so had to mount a covert campaign. One of these resulted in the agenda for the 2005 G8 and the risk assessment climate change was a greater threat than terrorism. DEFRA then recommended me to advise the Cabinet Office on sustainable development aspects of Regulatory Impact Assessment. The results of some of this work has somewhat mitigated the full potential of the dangers of UK flooding.

 As the local authority wanted to cover up a £10 fraud, Cheshire police needed to cover up how they stopped a project to prevent UK flooding and the local courts how they had covered up the offences of local police officers. We were always at risk.

 My only chance to prevent the flooding was to move to Scotland and report it as a terrorist incident. Having gone through so much it was the only way I could protect the UK from what was to come.

 If I could get the resources we would be able to start implementing multiple goal strategies to help prevent the flooding. My entire criminal record had been fabricated to ensure I would not be able to get the resources and ensure catastrophic flooding occurred.

 That the UK was to be subject to deliberate and intentional flooding on or after 9th December 2006 was reported to Tayside police as a terrorist incident. They took 6 weeks to decide they could not look at the evidence.

 On 13th December 2006 the deliberately engineered catastrophe began.

In 2008 the Labour party was voted out at a by election in Crewe when the economy collapsed. What the media didn’t report was the Labour controlled council had deliberately sabotaged the local economy to ensure high levels of central government funding. Even to the extent of allowing the UK to suffer the ravages of known and preventable flooding

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2004 Tsunami Update

My thanks to those who have been following the Tsunami story. First the UK Government did have a proposal to have a Tsunami early warning system in the 2001 competition to find the best use for the Millennium Dome London as part of a project to establish a global environmental management centre on the Greenwich site.

This was a reworking of a project presented and at the request of Crewe and Nantwich, to create a transition that would take the area from being a world leader in the railway industry to one on planetary environmental management.

Families have now been  contacted with some of the evidence to show how the project was blocked or rejected.

The UK Government to be fair cannot and in fact do not deny they had plans for an early warning system which they rejected in favour of a casino and music venue idea at the Millennium Dome.

To generate income to fund a project to stop similar events occuring in the future and provide a means of explaining how the project was blocked and rejected. TV and film production companies are now being written to with an offer of the full documented story.

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At Least 3 UK Cabinet Ministers Know of an Early Warning System Prior to the 2004 SE Asia Tsunami

Three Cabinet Ministers know the UK Government turned down a Tsunami early warning system, to be based in the UK, prior to the 2004 South East Asia Tsunami. The early warning system was part of the proposal to use the Millennium Dome as a centre for global environmental management.

Comfirmation of Knowledge of Tsunami warning008

The early warning system was part of the proposal MP2, Millennium Project 2, which was shortlisted by the consultants running the competition. Part of the proposal later emerged in 2005 as the agenda of the Perthshire G8, climate change and Africa.

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Lockerbie: The UK’s Biggest Terrorist Incident?

This should be of some interest to you. A legal conundrum and terrorist related to the judicial process of Lockerbie. Most importantly an exploration of serious limitations in Scottish Law.

 (On the recommendation of DEFRA I have also advised the UK Cabinet Office on aspects of Regulatory Impact Assessment)

 I haven’t gone into all the side issues etc just to try and keep this as brief as possible, with sufficient explanation. Any comment or advice would be most appreciated. Apart from friends who know what has gone on, we are without advice, as solicitors have explained due to the limitations of Scottish Law they cannot assist.

 All content in this email can be referenced back to original documentation and evidence, though in case a spam filter blocks, it is better the message is minimal and reaches you. Any documents you may request, could be forwarded.

 Gordon Brown said Lockerbie was the most devastating terrorist incident on British soil. This is only true in the context of investigated and prosecuted terrorist incidents.

 In 1991 Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council in England had access to provisional flood models that the UK was going to experience catastrophic flooding on or after the 9th December 2006.

 These were produced by a new technology which mapped the interaction of stability/instability of difference systems. In the case of flooding land use changes, which influence speed of run off and oscillation in projected patterns. The prediction was a critically would occur at the above.

 A county councillor who knew a professor who had advised me, contacted me. He was very frightened. He told me CNBC were going to suppress the knowledge by any means available as part of a large scale fraud. The prevention of catastrophic flooding, amongst other things, would potentially create so many jobs in the area. It would reduce the grants and income the council received from central government. He was most emphatic that I did not approach the police, Cheshire Constabulary, for my own safety. What was happening was such a high level fraud the police would protect the local authority from any investigation.

 Despite the warning I still had a moral and legal responsibility to prevent the flooding and save peoples lives. An appropriate project was set up. This was where Cheshire police now enter the situation. Officers committed some of the most serious offences to close the project down.

 They hadn’t realised I had originally been a metallurgist and having worked on defence contracts, R&D, quality control, forensics etc so was an expert in the breaching of qulity control systems and associated evidential analysis.

 A Sergeant Brierley had already told me I was going to be killed. The police were now furious, I had evidence on all those involved. I had a number of visits from a Sergeant Reg Orrett. He was most gleeful in telling me what would happen to me and on whose behalf he was issuing the warnings.

 Despite the threats I still had to try and prevent the disaster, Cheshire police threatening me if I tried. As it was a civil matter and there were no civil solicitors in the area, I was advised to get one of the major London firms. None would help as they would not take a case so far out of London.

 My only option was to make a complaint. I was told this was useless but it was my only option. This resulted in Cheshire Constabulary Professional Standards. Which I found was little more than the forces PR arm. In February 2002 Inspector Stephen Bailey knew and had all the evidence that the UK was going to experience a disaster. He was told the date and the extent. His reply was ‘it will be covered up’. Cheshire police were not going to expose their officers to the most serious criminal investigation and prosecution just to prevent the flooding.

 Though I was a member of the the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Research Network, I could not warn them directly. If all they could do was refer it back to the police force where the offences were committed we were in very serious trouble. Cheshire police officers were now threatening my family. I had a long term girlfriend and her children to consider. What I did do was using my knowledge was recommend changed in legislation and farming and land use policy. Some of these did get through. But they had to be low key to protect my family from the police.

 With time running out we had to make a decision. Knowing that Scotland had a different legal system, and with the case of Lockerbie had the ability to launch a large scale terrorist investigation, and that Scotland would not escape the impending flood disaster. I moved to Scotland where my family lived.

 The children were all happy in school in England, despite all the threats. (My girlfriend had been with me when we had been threatened, 3 against 2 though.) We had kept the children out of the situation we were in. With my presence the children would always be in danger.

 Having had deaths threats and warnings from Cheshire police if I pursued the matter. The flooding could not be stopped if I was dead. So with the help of a community councillor with a degree in law I applied for political asylum for protection. The reply from the Procurator Fiscals Office (March 2006) was this could not be granted as no such arrangement exists between Scotland and England.

 They could only respond to an investigation by the police. As a resident of Scotland if I was being threaten or my life or other peoples was in danger I had first to report it to the police.

 This was the worse scenario. My girlfriend and children were 400 miles away, Cheshire police had warned me what would happen. Did I risk the safety of my family only on the prediction of catastrophic flooding. (A prediction others beloved was 100% correct).

 The mental conflict and stress was enormous. Convinced the flooding would occur I had to take the decision to report the impending flooding and the threats to my life and family. As the intention of the criminal acts was to cause indiscriminate death and destruction I reported it as a terrorist incident at Perth police station on 24th October 2006.

Despite reporting it as a a terrorist incident, and no specific details taken at reception it still took 3 stomach churning days before and officer was available to interview me. Then Tayside police sent a local community constable not a specialist anti-terror, serious crime, fraud officer.

 I was accompanied by the community councillor who had seen the evidence and could verify all I said to the police. The police officer said he could not look at the evidence as he didn’t consider it was probably a terrorist incident and would therefore not be under the jurisdiction of Scottish Law.

 Though he took details of a future massive incident. The deliberate catastrophic flooding of the UK due to criminal acts to ensure known flooding was not prevented, with an intention and consequence of causing loss of life and destruction. He said he would have to check with his superiors whether they could look at the evidence.

 He said before Scottish police could look at the evidence of terrorist activity. An independent member of the public would have to assess the evidence to determine whether conspiracy to pervert the course of justice had occurred. This would be the minimum requirement before Tayside police become involved.

 We did this and the community councillor was satisfied as the independent assessor thatconspiracy to pervert the course of justice to commit a terrorist act had been committed. We notified Tayside police as instructed. We waited and waited for Tayside police to launch a terrorist investigation. Six of the some of the most stressful weeks past. I had put my families and my own life on the line. Tayside police would not provide me or my family with any protection, despite the threats to us and our knowledge of an imminent terrorist incident.

 On 13th December 2006, Tayside and other parts of Scotland suffered catastrophic flooding. The flood models had proved nearly 100% correct, only 4 days out over 15 years.

 The next morning a letter arrived from Tayside police. They would not investigate or look at the evidence as they considered it outside of their jurisdiction. The intelligence supplied to Tayside police having been proved accurate, though the delay in deciding not to investigate a terrorism report resulted in no warning being available to those affected. The letter having been sent second class post crossed in the post with the flooding Tayside police had had 6 weeks warning of.

 Despite knowing of the Scottish flooding 6 weeks before, Tayside police did not launch a terrorist investigation. They had been told it would be catastrophic and UK wide. Still they did not warn other police forces. They would not provide protection for me or my family or any assistance for me to warn other police forces.

 In 2007 beginging in Cumbria, then Yorkshire then southern England and Wales. Apattern of flooding spread across the UK exactly as intended. 13 people died and £5 billion in destruction. Had a school bus, train, nursing home etc been caught up then the death toll could exceeded that of the Lockerbie incident.

 Two police forces knew of the UK flooding with plenty of opportunity to prevent most of it at least issue a warning. But apparently decided to take no action to protect those guilty of the atrocity.

 Tayside police despite letters saying they will interview me re the incident, then write back saying they won’t. Tayside police had 6 weeks warning of the biggest terrorist attack on the UK mainland, decided to do nothing and now will not investigate.

 Despite all the resources the police have for terrorism. They expected me to provide protection for me and my family. Raise the finance to verify the models. Raise the alarm and evacuate areas threatened. Then take legal action against those who caused it. All without any resources or support. This raises the question of why do we have a police and justice system, if it abdicates the responsibility to protecting society to individual members of the public.

 Lockerbie wasn’t the most devastating terrorist incident in the UK. The floods of 2006/7. All the evidence exists to bring those responsible to justice. Unfortunately because of those involved the police have turned a blind eye, to allow them to escape justice.

 Tayside police and Scotland have turned away £billions for the country’s economy. If they had acted before hand or carried out a terrorist investigation. The global reinsurance companies aware the technology existed and was proven would have put billions in to the economy to prevent other similar events. (Potential global market £500 billion pa).

 Tayside police may have allowed the biggest UK incident to occur and without investigation just to protect police officers in Cheshire from criminal/terrorist investigation prosecution. As the threats against me and my family are from England they will also not offer us any protection.

 Scottish Law was incapable of protecting Scotland from terrorist attack as the offences and planning was committed in England.

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