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A Japanese Joke

How do you tell a Japanese prostitute?

She’s the one in the fishnets.

Another Japanese joke is the Bank of Japan has pumped 33 trillion yen into the financial system to do various financial things. That is £259 billion.

So why is my supermarket collecting loose change for Japanese children. Why is the media full of images of people without food, water or shelter. Why are desperate people wandering on their own looking for the bodies of their loved ones? Why is fuel and heating running out? Why?

Perhaps if they had only put £258 billion into the financial markets, and put £1 billion looking after their people. Perhaps it may have made some slight difference.

Again this insane world has done it again. Why is the imaginary money of the bankers more important than life?


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What Economic Powerhouse?

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond trying to convince for the need of a high speed rail link, explained the importance of connecting the UK with the ‘economic powerhouse of the south east’.

This would be the south east that is being propped up and is existing on bail outs and subsidies from the rest of the UK after the ‘south east financial powerhouse’ collapsed.

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What About the Next One Mr Hawking?

The news today is covering Stephen Hawking saying God did not create the Universe, check out William Crawley’s blog at the BBC.

Now to me the question is, who will create the next one?  Most likely us, or some evolutionary descendent of ours. As long as we survive, which isn’t looking too hopeful at the moment if we don’t stop the collapse of the Earth’s ecological life support systems.

Creating a Universe, a proper big one, is an important aspect of sustainable planetary management. To have a vision of creating a new Universe, also creates an attractor point in the future on which to put the trajectory of global development on.

You can’t create a Universe if you can’t manage a planet first. This is what the philosophy behind our entry into the competition to run the Millennium Dome was about, a centre of excellence in global environmental management. This would have the ‘critical mass’ to divert the current headlong dash of society towards chaos and extinction.

To find out more about applied planetary engineering visit our background site where the outline proposal to run the Millennium Dome was placed. For a quick intro try Jamais Cascio’s  excellent site, Open the Future, where some of our comments have been placed. Jamais then contacted us to find our views on the ethics of Geoengineering.

The beauty of understanding how to create a new Universe, is that apart from it involves us managing our planet more sustainably, it leads to the technologies of time travel and inter galactic flight. Brilliant.

May Celtic Lion recommend an interest in Omega Points to relate Hawking’s work with modern planetary development and engineering strategy.

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What a Change in the Weather

Well it has been a rapid day on climate in the press. These are the press I have been reading and if possible placed comments on.

Telegraph:  Questioning the leadership of the UNEP IPCC. Having been one of the scientists who was involved in setting up the UK climate models, and hence contributed to the Nobel Prize discussed here, many of you know I was critical of the way the models were set up. Seems on the global scale my views since 2002 are now being reflected in different ways.

Guardian: Two here and both I have commented on. First is Clash of the Titans. This is about a future debate between former Chief UK Scientist Sir David King and former Chancellor Nigel Lawson. This is pro and against man made climate change. I think they are like a couple of children who don’t understand the challenge. Have commented on this.

The next is on Andrew Simms 75 months before we cross a no return threshold as regards climate change. Again I have commented as Celticlion.

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Copenhagen: No Deal Better Than Bad Deal

The sensible practical view we have been pushing for the last few weeks.

Good interview with the delegate from Tuvalu. Sensible stuff.

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Copenhagen: Why the Rush?

Over in Copenhagen the summit goes on. The Guardian reports, Climate Change Talks Stall

So what is going on there. Talk about losing 5 hours of negotiating time as African nations walk out. Negotiators working through the night ahead of heads of state arriving. Activists pushing for an agreement. What sort of agreement seems to have been forgotten,  just as long as they get an agreement.

Does it all seem bit of a lash up?

If it was so important shouldn’t there have been a bit more planning, a bit more of a measured approach, abit more forward thinking prior to the conference.

It’s looking like Changing Rooms or 60 Minute Makeover with everyone rushing to get ready for the ‘reveal’. Quality goes out of the window as priority is given to getting something done, anything, by some deadline.

Just how long have they had to prepare? What are we going to end up with? Any decision, even if it is the wrong decision?

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Copenhagen:The Cost(?) to Redcar

At the time of the announced closure of the Corus steelworks. those who follow the BBC Newsnight blog will know I brought up the value of the carbon allowances that could be sold. I pointed out the figure from one steelworks would amaze. Some of us set about trying to find the figure.

This has just surfaced on James Delingpole blog at the Daily Telegraph.

£600 million

Though with opening another steelworks in India, to maintain levels of production, with European levels of emissions it appears another £600 could be claimed. Making a total of £1.2 billion.

Thanks to James for the info. Though I haven’t checked all the references to source.

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