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Lockerbie: The UK’s Biggest Terrorist Incident?

This should be of some interest to you. A legal conundrum and terrorist related to the judicial process of Lockerbie. Most importantly an exploration of serious limitations in Scottish Law.

 (On the recommendation of DEFRA I have also advised the UK Cabinet Office on aspects of Regulatory Impact Assessment)

 I haven’t gone into all the side issues etc just to try and keep this as brief as possible, with sufficient explanation. Any comment or advice would be most appreciated. Apart from friends who know what has gone on, we are without advice, as solicitors have explained due to the limitations of Scottish Law they cannot assist.

 All content in this email can be referenced back to original documentation and evidence, though in case a spam filter blocks, it is better the message is minimal and reaches you. Any documents you may request, could be forwarded.

 Gordon Brown said Lockerbie was the most devastating terrorist incident on British soil. This is only true in the context of investigated and prosecuted terrorist incidents.

 In 1991 Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council in England had access to provisional flood models that the UK was going to experience catastrophic flooding on or after the 9th December 2006.

 These were produced by a new technology which mapped the interaction of stability/instability of difference systems. In the case of flooding land use changes, which influence speed of run off and oscillation in projected patterns. The prediction was a critically would occur at the above.

 A county councillor who knew a professor who had advised me, contacted me. He was very frightened. He told me CNBC were going to suppress the knowledge by any means available as part of a large scale fraud. The prevention of catastrophic flooding, amongst other things, would potentially create so many jobs in the area. It would reduce the grants and income the council received from central government. He was most emphatic that I did not approach the police, Cheshire Constabulary, for my own safety. What was happening was such a high level fraud the police would protect the local authority from any investigation.

 Despite the warning I still had a moral and legal responsibility to prevent the flooding and save peoples lives. An appropriate project was set up. This was where Cheshire police now enter the situation. Officers committed some of the most serious offences to close the project down.

 They hadn’t realised I had originally been a metallurgist and having worked on defence contracts, R&D, quality control, forensics etc so was an expert in the breaching of qulity control systems and associated evidential analysis.

 A Sergeant Brierley had already told me I was going to be killed. The police were now furious, I had evidence on all those involved. I had a number of visits from a Sergeant Reg Orrett. He was most gleeful in telling me what would happen to me and on whose behalf he was issuing the warnings.

 Despite the threats I still had to try and prevent the disaster, Cheshire police threatening me if I tried. As it was a civil matter and there were no civil solicitors in the area, I was advised to get one of the major London firms. None would help as they would not take a case so far out of London.

 My only option was to make a complaint. I was told this was useless but it was my only option. This resulted in Cheshire Constabulary Professional Standards. Which I found was little more than the forces PR arm. In February 2002 Inspector Stephen Bailey knew and had all the evidence that the UK was going to experience a disaster. He was told the date and the extent. His reply was ‘it will be covered up’. Cheshire police were not going to expose their officers to the most serious criminal investigation and prosecution just to prevent the flooding.

 Though I was a member of the the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Research Network, I could not warn them directly. If all they could do was refer it back to the police force where the offences were committed we were in very serious trouble. Cheshire police officers were now threatening my family. I had a long term girlfriend and her children to consider. What I did do was using my knowledge was recommend changed in legislation and farming and land use policy. Some of these did get through. But they had to be low key to protect my family from the police.

 With time running out we had to make a decision. Knowing that Scotland had a different legal system, and with the case of Lockerbie had the ability to launch a large scale terrorist investigation, and that Scotland would not escape the impending flood disaster. I moved to Scotland where my family lived.

 The children were all happy in school in England, despite all the threats. (My girlfriend had been with me when we had been threatened, 3 against 2 though.) We had kept the children out of the situation we were in. With my presence the children would always be in danger.

 Having had deaths threats and warnings from Cheshire police if I pursued the matter. The flooding could not be stopped if I was dead. So with the help of a community councillor with a degree in law I applied for political asylum for protection. The reply from the Procurator Fiscals Office (March 2006) was this could not be granted as no such arrangement exists between Scotland and England.

 They could only respond to an investigation by the police. As a resident of Scotland if I was being threaten or my life or other peoples was in danger I had first to report it to the police.

 This was the worse scenario. My girlfriend and children were 400 miles away, Cheshire police had warned me what would happen. Did I risk the safety of my family only on the prediction of catastrophic flooding. (A prediction others beloved was 100% correct).

 The mental conflict and stress was enormous. Convinced the flooding would occur I had to take the decision to report the impending flooding and the threats to my life and family. As the intention of the criminal acts was to cause indiscriminate death and destruction I reported it as a terrorist incident at Perth police station on 24th October 2006.

Despite reporting it as a a terrorist incident, and no specific details taken at reception it still took 3 stomach churning days before and officer was available to interview me. Then Tayside police sent a local community constable not a specialist anti-terror, serious crime, fraud officer.

 I was accompanied by the community councillor who had seen the evidence and could verify all I said to the police. The police officer said he could not look at the evidence as he didn’t consider it was probably a terrorist incident and would therefore not be under the jurisdiction of Scottish Law.

 Though he took details of a future massive incident. The deliberate catastrophic flooding of the UK due to criminal acts to ensure known flooding was not prevented, with an intention and consequence of causing loss of life and destruction. He said he would have to check with his superiors whether they could look at the evidence.

 He said before Scottish police could look at the evidence of terrorist activity. An independent member of the public would have to assess the evidence to determine whether conspiracy to pervert the course of justice had occurred. This would be the minimum requirement before Tayside police become involved.

 We did this and the community councillor was satisfied as the independent assessor thatconspiracy to pervert the course of justice to commit a terrorist act had been committed. We notified Tayside police as instructed. We waited and waited for Tayside police to launch a terrorist investigation. Six of the some of the most stressful weeks past. I had put my families and my own life on the line. Tayside police would not provide me or my family with any protection, despite the threats to us and our knowledge of an imminent terrorist incident.

 On 13th December 2006, Tayside and other parts of Scotland suffered catastrophic flooding. The flood models had proved nearly 100% correct, only 4 days out over 15 years.

 The next morning a letter arrived from Tayside police. They would not investigate or look at the evidence as they considered it outside of their jurisdiction. The intelligence supplied to Tayside police having been proved accurate, though the delay in deciding not to investigate a terrorism report resulted in no warning being available to those affected. The letter having been sent second class post crossed in the post with the flooding Tayside police had had 6 weeks warning of.

 Despite knowing of the Scottish flooding 6 weeks before, Tayside police did not launch a terrorist investigation. They had been told it would be catastrophic and UK wide. Still they did not warn other police forces. They would not provide protection for me or my family or any assistance for me to warn other police forces.

 In 2007 beginging in Cumbria, then Yorkshire then southern England and Wales. Apattern of flooding spread across the UK exactly as intended. 13 people died and £5 billion in destruction. Had a school bus, train, nursing home etc been caught up then the death toll could exceeded that of the Lockerbie incident.

 Two police forces knew of the UK flooding with plenty of opportunity to prevent most of it at least issue a warning. But apparently decided to take no action to protect those guilty of the atrocity.

 Tayside police despite letters saying they will interview me re the incident, then write back saying they won’t. Tayside police had 6 weeks warning of the biggest terrorist attack on the UK mainland, decided to do nothing and now will not investigate.

 Despite all the resources the police have for terrorism. They expected me to provide protection for me and my family. Raise the finance to verify the models. Raise the alarm and evacuate areas threatened. Then take legal action against those who caused it. All without any resources or support. This raises the question of why do we have a police and justice system, if it abdicates the responsibility to protecting society to individual members of the public.

 Lockerbie wasn’t the most devastating terrorist incident in the UK. The floods of 2006/7. All the evidence exists to bring those responsible to justice. Unfortunately because of those involved the police have turned a blind eye, to allow them to escape justice.

 Tayside police and Scotland have turned away £billions for the country’s economy. If they had acted before hand or carried out a terrorist investigation. The global reinsurance companies aware the technology existed and was proven would have put billions in to the economy to prevent other similar events. (Potential global market £500 billion pa).

 Tayside police may have allowed the biggest UK incident to occur and without investigation just to protect police officers in Cheshire from criminal/terrorist investigation prosecution. As the threats against me and my family are from England they will also not offer us any protection.

 Scottish Law was incapable of protecting Scotland from terrorist attack as the offences and planning was committed in England.

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Bearded Collies Do Anything For An Egg Custard

As my Beardie Collie Ruskin followed me as a puppy on a window cleaning round he had to learn fast. At 14 weeks after his vaccinations he joined me. It proved impossible to have him on a lead and carrying a ladder, bucket, crate to stand on etc. So he used to trot in front, when we came to a junction etc he would look back to be given the new direction. Stop, straight on, left or right.

 One of our treats was stopping at the bakers and sharing an egg custard together.

 After a couple of years I passed my test and we got a car. He would sit on the front seat and when he saw another dog sometimes he would bark. As he knew all the direction commands this would develop into a game while travelling. If I saw a dog first I would shout “Doggie on the left or doggie on the right”. When he spotted it he would bark back to confirm. Or bark first if he spotted a dog before me.

 A Morrisons supermarket opened. On my first visit one evening, large egg custards were on sale for 10p before they went out of date. When we got home I gave him one. He wouldn’t eat it as it was a whole one. Once I told him it was all his, he was very happy. He always knew at the end of a days work when I said supermarket, we were going to get egg custards.

 A few years later I got a job as a shopfitter travelling all over the country in a large transit van. We were changing the central gondolas for Safeway supermarkets. As the newest foreman I was given the short straw. I was given all the distance work. Cheshire to Norfolk, Cheshire to Inverness, Cheshire to Newcastle, Cardiff or Hull.

 I was also given an 18 year old apprentice who couldn’t drive, couldn’t read a map, didn’t know the job and didn’t have his own tools. All the other vans had two drivers, so share the distance work. Apart from me.

 All I would be given was an instruction Safeway Gateshead, Safeway Swaffam or Safeway Cardiff etc. No directions.

 Even without someone who could read a map getting to the town or city was no problem. The 18 year old would just sleep the entire journey. As we were a team Ruskin always came too. With 3,4 or 500 miles to drive he would sometimes fall asleep as well. As I pulled off the motorway or trunk road and slowed down he would wake up, knowing we were near our destination.

 Looking round he would sniff the air vents getting used to the new air. Opening the windows and turning on the blower slightly. “Supermarket”. Sniffing the air when I came to a round about I would ask him sraight on left or right. He would tell me by barking and looking. He could smell the bakery.

 Never once was he was wrong. The store manager many times was surprised we found the place without directions.

 All I did was buy an egg custard for my Bearded Collie sat nav. Eh before sat navs were invented.

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The Jobs Crewe Lost

A review from the Crewe Chronicle (Cheshire Chronicle series). Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council knew in December 1991 the timing of the 2007 UK flooding. Serious criminal offences were committed in the Borough, Cheshire Police knew about them, but ignored them due to those involved.

Did Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council deliberately sabotage their own local economy to ensure higher grants from central government? 







Executive summary review007

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The Lion Rampant

Article NewStart 18th January 2008




The Lion Rampant


Three days after the warning in the final paragraph global markets collapsed

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Celtic Lion Newsnight

A place for BBC Newsnight bloggers to come and put their thoughts they might want others to know, which they think might not fit with the BBC Newsnight Blog. Celtic Lion understands. Feel free to post. The first time you post it automatically comes to be moderated, after that just be respectful to others.

Post from Brossen 99 removed from Newsnight blog Sat 5th September 2009

It must now be clear to any political observers that Gordon Brown is the puppet of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites. Likewise Alistair Darling ( nee Panda ) who would appear to be committed to the Corporate Nazi ideology of expanding and sustaining a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites. Tough on alleged Incapacity Benefit cheats but no action to curb the embezzlement of billions by the ” socially useless ” section of financial markets as recently identified by Lord Turner. Darling is attempting to portray that a cap on bonuses will be avoided through higher basic salaries. The obvious solution is to heavily tax all derivatives trades, but with Obama scared of assassination the Corporate Nazi’s have him as their puppet also, so no chance of a global deal.


Of course it will be no better under the Tories despite the Osborne rhetoric on tougher city regulation. Perhaps its convenient to dump the FSA now that its head is no longer ” ideologically pure “, of course Boris has to object to a cap on bonuses as they are mostly in the interest of his main political sponsors. Farage’s response is typical of a party funded by the likes of hedge funds, meanwhile Vince cable is perhaps conveniently practicing the art of not being seen.

See also:

Surprise, surprise the man behind the new totally over the top CRB checks to allegedly protect British children is a Corporate Nazi American. Its just another expensive endless IT project ( welfare state for the stock market parasites ), and if the Tories have an ounce of integrity they will scrap the whole thing when elected

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi?

The gangofone goes on about the BNP being national socialist but has he checked out their post EU election policies recently. It would appear that they have sold out to the eco-fascists on environment policy, perhaps Griffin fancies his chances with the leader of the Greens. The rest of their policies are totally impractical and perhaps nothing at all to do with what JadedJean would prescribe. Like all elected politicians it would appear that the BNP have sold out to the Corporate Nazi cause. Perhaps its due to not being able to get a UK bank account, and despite alleged EU funding they are sending out begging letters to anyone they have contact details for.

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi

One thing I have maintained in the NN blog is that political parties are all political parties, even the BNP and Greens. Should we expect anything else from them.

Roger Thomas

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Cosmic Sanctions 2) Euthanasia


The arrival of flying saucers raises important points:

2) Euthanasia

Visitors to the planet would first by visual observation or object proximity detection, find a debris field surrounding the planet. Derelict space craft, bits of metal, discarded tools bags, nuclear and toxic chemical materials etc.

Next they would observe a brown pall of pollution in the atmosphere over east Asia. Then smoke drifting over the planet. Either from deliberately set fires, used to drive out wild animals for hunting or capture. Or blazes in forests caused by micro and macro mismanagement of the ecological systems in question.

Scanning of the planet would reveal toxic and nuclear material in both the oceans and on land. Life sign analysis would determine the most numerous large species had reached numbers the rapidly diminishing and degraded ecological systems could no longer support.

Independent objective planetary assessment systems aboard the craft would show that in terms of intergalactic and cosmic time scales the planet was in the final seconds of it’s death throes.

The benevolent visitors might decide to administer the cosmic equivalent of a blow to the back of the head with a spade to a myoamatosed rabbit. Just to spare us further suffering before our imminent deaths.

Celtic Lion

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Cosmic Sanctions 1) Ridicule


The arrival of flying saucers raises important points:

1) Ridicule

If they asked world leaders how they managed the ecological systems of the planet to ensure the best conditions for the continuance of all life, we risk, literally, universal embarrassment.

The answer that they encourage people to buy and consume things. Convert the processes that support all life, into things that people don’t really need. Which they can then throw away, to get more things. Would surely be met with complete astonishment and disbelief.

To have it explained to them that the most important people on the planet were those who encouraged, provided the means and became the most powerful for this act of total stupidity, would leave them dumb with incomprehension.

That the act had nothing to do with ensuring the safety of the planet or ensuring the best for all life on the planet. But involved the wilful destruction of life and life processes, in order to create something completely useless called economic growth, would be greeted with incredulity.

The complete explanation that the leaders of the planet turned the real tangible life of the planet, into something imaginary, called economic growth. That only existed as numbers in computers. And when these numbers disappeared. The ‘real economists’ who were supposed to be experts, did know it would happen or why it happened when it did. Would leave the visitors with the opinion that the planet was being run by the insane. Everyone else unquestionably following the instructions of the clearly mad.

At best we risk Universal ridicule, if not some cosmic sectioning order under the Incapable of Running a Planet Act.

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!”

Burns-To A Louse

Celtic Lion

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