Celtic Lion has been independently assessed as one of

world’s most influential development strategists.

Having contributed to two Nobel Prizes. Can we assist



Development can begin with the individual. We offer one to one consultations for those wishing to understand the future. Our philosophy is objective and independent of political or economic influence

Business and Organisations

Similar to, but building on our personal consultation. Including an assessment of how your organisation can evolve and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Regional Agencies, Countries and International Organisations

We invite requests for large scale macro development strategy. Especially welcome are organisations with investment in the region of £2 billion to implement our proposal for the Millennium Dome elsewhere. In return we offer a project with a sustainable turnover of in excess of £50 bn pa. From our part we wish to save lives and prevent the collapse of planetary ecological systems.


We offer informed writing for newspapers and magazines. For film and TV production, story outline and scenario development. Conceptualisation for event implementation.


For the independent automotive industry, especially race and rally, advisory work on design. For larger organisations such as Formula1 corporate philosophy, conceptualisation and development.

Conferences, Training and Public Speaking

A wide range of services for local groups through to international organisations. We can approach the subject of effective development in a manner especially tailored to the interests and requirements of your organisation.


From the experience of setting up the site and running front line logistics of Europe’s largest civil engineering project on a £s per day assessment. We can act in an advisory capacity on effective project delivery.

Environmental Warnings and Preparation

For countries, local authorities and rescue services we can provide strategic overview on future hazards.

Please contact us for further details of these and other services we may be able to provide. Celtic Lion 07946 033503

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