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Sustainable Development Research Network Conference

Time for an adventure to London, off to the SDRN conference at the Wellcome Conference Centre, and a chance to save the planet.

Carlisle at midnight as the National Express coach waits.

Carlisle services

London and the conference centre

Outside the door

Big breath

Looking Up

for R -thanks

 Get ready for the food

pre SDRN Conference 2009

Finally got a picture of the sign to say where I was

 SDRN Conference Hall



E. Coli and Childrens Zoos

Well in the UK we have a warning that children under 5 should not touch farm animals by Prof Hugh Pennington. Does this really make sense or is it just another example of ‘counter intuitive policy planning’ as Prof Jay Forrester would say.

Is the problem not that children are infected by E.Coli? But that children are so isolated from the real world that their immune system has not been stimulated to respond to outside  conditions.

Although not living on a farm I grew up in a farming village. I cannot remember the time not going out and in some way not getting some form of muck on me, as so all my friends.

Is part of the problem children from birth not being exposed to the real world, so when they touch reality they do not have the immune response to deal with it. Is the solution not as Prof Pennington says, but the opposite expose children to the real world, strengthening their immune response to it.

So hen they are exposed to it, it isn’t such a sudden shock. 

If this is the case surely the correct response should for children to have contact with reality which includes animals from as early as possible. Preparing and strengthening their immune system from birth.



A few videos people have made of and around Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. God made round here first then used the bits left over so make the rest of the world. These are a tribute to our home.

For more please also visit

For Coupar Angus, this is a video that takes in the road movie concept.

The Coupar Angus Horse Fair is backed and supported by experts from the equine world and with knowledge of native Scottish breeds. These are notes from my own area of interest dogs, more specificlly the Scottish Working Bearded Collie.

This is an article that starts to reconcile many areas. The evolution and ecology of the breed, in relation to it’s natural environment, changes in and the history of farming, geography, psychology and training.  


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So There Was a Deliberate Crash

For the non followers of Formula 1, here is a brief recap of a story. A young Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet jr a few weeks ago came out with a story that he had been deliberately been told to crash. This resulted in the safety car coming out to slow all the other race cars to slow down.

The cars took an opportunity to stop and refuel. His team mate Fernando Alonso having already refuelled took advantage of this and already having refuelled went on to win the race.

When Nelson told his story he was mainly ridiculed for coming out with such a preposterous idea. Now it looks like he was telling the truth.

Did I tell you the one about a local authority who many years ago knew in advance about the 2007 UK floods? By stopping the prevention of the flooding they got a considerable amout of money. They were even helped by their local police force in a dirty tricks campaign. 

Just check, yes I did.

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Criminal Record Checks

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about” or variations on the phrase is used by some people to describe their feeling over criminal records checks or ID cards.

Though well meaning, this is a naivety born out of a lack of experience. What many people don’t realise is that police officers are permitted to access the Police National Computer and enter false data about a member of the public, without telling the person concern. Police Officers are allowed to access the PNC and quite simply give someone a made up criminal history.

Here is a real set of incident reports. As in real police paperwork, the incident reports not being real though. Just made up, fiction, a fantasy.  The police access the PNC file false incident reports so later they can forge arrest and custody records. This allows them later to send police officers in to court and lie on oath. Give evidence of an arrest, that only ever existed in their imagination and the unlawful entries they make in the police computer system.

Look at the official police record first. Can you spot the falsifications?  It might help if you have a calculator or a pen and paper. 

Then read the chronological analysis for the result. Do you agree with it? The entire case is fictitious, just look at the numbers. 

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports


Assessment of the Police Log

Assessment of the Police Log


This is an example from Crewe Police in Cheshire. It is part of a Trojan prosecution made up in it’s entirety by the police. A large scale project was being undertaken  to verify UK flood models and if they were correct implement the prevention strategy.

Certain individuals and organisations had an interest in ensuring the flood models were not verified to ensure the UK would suffer catastrophic flooding. Crewe police agreed to forge an entire designer prosecution package to shut the project down.

Police officers are permitted to enter the Police National Computer and make false entries if it allows the conviction of innocent members of the public who have not committed any offence, not been arrested for any offence or charged with any offence.

It is possible for members of the public to approach a police officer and have them give another person a false criminal history if they want to make them lose their job or close their business etc. Or in this case ensure predicted flooding was not prevented.


The author was originally a metallurgist and material scientist. He has worked on forensics, quality control and R&D. He has prepared evidence for the MoD and was part of the group which set up the new generation of UK climate models which contributed to the 2007 Nobel Prize.

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Vaccine Discussion Meeting London Tuesday 29th September 2009

We at West London Homeopaths are ready to start our year ahead with an extremely informative talk on Vaccines by Janine Roberts. Her discoveries are particularly relevant in light of current threats to impose mandatory vaccination against swine flu!


Janine is an investigative journalist and film producer who has worked on vaccine-related issues since the mid-1990s, when her articles on vaccine dangers appeared front-page in The Independent. She has since made a Dispatches for Channel 4 on the first finding of a monkey virus, SV40, in the cancers of British patients. This virus was reported to come from the polio vaccine – and to be now in the cancers of patients around the world. She then researched numerous other contaminants in vaccines, finding major flaws in key vaccine and virus experiments. Her work has now appeared as the book “Fear of the Invisible.” This new work has already resulted in 36 senior scientists and academics writing to the Science journal calling for the withdrawal of a major virus research paper as fraudulent. She has particularly researched the polio, measles, flu and HPV vaccines and has fundamental questions about the research underlying all of these. Reports that HIV may have been in the polio vaccine, has also taken her on to research HIV/AIDS. Academically, she holds degrees in Sociology from LSE, a Masters in Theology and a Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and has had 6 books published.


As for the talk – Janine will look at the fundamental science underlying many vaccines, describe the key experiments on which they are based and at how contaminated they are.. She will describe the way the vaccines are developed and made – showing that this process leads to a high level of contamination, citing a top UK government doctor who at an official meeting has described our current vaccines as “primitive” and “crude”. This same meeting reported that the MMR vaccine is contaminated with Avian Leukosis Virus. He himself said on record that at one time there was more monkey virus in the polio vaccine than polio virus. The talk will be entirely based on research and reports published by highly authoritative scientific institutions. It will also include a description of little-known official research linking the aluminum added to vaccines to brain damage, chronic fatigue syndrome and polio symptoms – and to enhancing the effects of mercury. It will end with a discussion on just what is a virus – and if we are right to so widely blame them for our aliments and to fear them so much.


Speaker Janine Roberts

Subject About Vaccines

Date Tuesday 29th September 2009

Venue St. Peter & St. Paul’s RC church hall in LEYBORNE AVENUE W13 (NOT Cambourne Avenue), entrance near the corner of Leyborne Avenue and Felton Road.

Time 7.15pm for start at 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost £10 member and £12 non-members


Please confirm your attendance by booking online and sending a cheque to our Treasurer: Jane Dickson, 97, Midhurst Road, Ealing, W13 9TJ.


We look forward to seeing you there, and please feel free to bring patients, friends, family, anyone you know who is at all concerned about vaccines.


Best wishes,


Janine Roberts’ book Fear of the Invisible is available from Amazon

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Lion Connections

Picture from David Icke’s site after Earwicga sent us a quote fron Kathy Kelly’s book, Other Lands Have Dreams,

 “Courage is the ability to control your fear and courage is contagious.”


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