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When Leave Means Leave


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Joining the You Tube Generation

At last we have joined the You Tube generation with a short uploaded clip. More to do it for the first time and see how it was done. Seiben catching a disc on the North Inch Perth.  That the moon rising above the River Tay.

A new experience, throwing a disc while looking at the view finder!

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My Dog

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.  author unknown

From K9 Disc Thrills

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Walk in the Park

Thanks to everyone who stops and comes over to see Seiben and myself on our travels. The attention and encouragement is really helping Seiben to acclimatise to city living.

He is proving a talented Frisbee dog. Though he brought his Frisbee when he came to stay and made a point of wanting to take it out with us, it wasn’t apparent how deep his passion ran for the sport. Thanks to all the other dogs who come over to watch and have a go with him. It is all  building up his confidence.

One of his problems when he came was pulling like a mad thing while on the lead. This is something we have been working on over the last couple of weeks. And is improving very markedly. But it is a slow calm process to change a behaviour which was so ingrained. So thanks to Zak George.

Another problem I was told Seiben had was barking at solitary figure walking towards him. On the first Sunday we were out together this was noticeable (as well as the pulling). Having been caught on a bridge with someone walking towards us I had to try some distraction technique to prevent this.

We speeded up our walking pace and Seiben didn’t bark. Now I put this down at the time to taking Seiben out of his barking phase, giving him a different set of circumstances to think about. Having watched this video by Emily Larlham, she makes the connection between the aroused state caused by the constant pulling and barking and lunging at people and other dogs.

At no point in Seiben’s training has dominance, punishment or raised voice been used. The most he gets in a negative way is a quite no, ah ah or calm naughty boy. These are used mainly as a part of a distraction. Immediately we try then to put him into a positive reinforcement for doing the behaviour we both want to aspire to.

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Reminded me of the first picture I saw of Seiben.

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C’est La Vie!

As some of the followers of this blog know who me and Seiben meet on our daily travels, Seiben and me are experiencing a little bit of harassment at the moment. For those who don’t know the background, I”l put up a post The Killing of Dougal. At it’s simplest a resident of the block a few weeks ago brought a beautiful 7 year old male Bearded Collie she said she acquired as a rescue dog via the Gumtree site. I fell in love with him straight away, despite having such a neglected and troubled past I could see he was gorgeous.

Three days later the resident told me she had had him put down as he was unsuitable. I did make my displeasure known that I would have had him or sorted out a proper rescue arrangement with experienced assessors who knew the breed and the right rehabilitation programme and loving care to sort him out.

Last week I was doing a acclimatization exercise with Seiben which consisted of sitting quietly in the flat with all the windows open so he could hear all the noises of the city. People shouting, car horns, dogs barking, buses going passed, car engines being revved, screeching tyres, customers from the kebab shop below, sounds from other residents of the block of flats etc. I do not react to them so he takes his cue off me and does not react either. His calm state is then rewarded. This the state he needs to be in in the flat.

This is not being cruel or oppressive. On the North Inch twice a day he is running off lead, either indulging his passion for Frisbee or playing and learning with other dogs. At other times he is in an intermediate stage while walking and exploring the city and its inhabitants.

So while we are doing this acclimatization exercise the girl from the downstairs flat comes home. First of all she starts doing DIY at 11.30pm. Sawing and hammering the walls. At midnight she starts practising on her drum kit. All experience for Seiben as he learnt or rather experienced a nice settled calm state in the most extreme circumstances.

But it wasn’t over. At nearly 1am she starts banging on her ceiling really hard with something solid, shaking my whole floor and flat. The antagonism has continued. Monday night/ Tuesday morning at 1.30am there was a loud knocking on the door. Someone had sent the noise enforcement officers to tell me a complaint had been made about the noise coming from my flat. The other residents have admitted they never hear me or Seiben. A few weeks a go we did a noise test to see at what level my stereo couldn’t be heard in the other flats late on a very quiet Tuesday night. The volume when the council arrived was half that.

Today at 3pm in the afternoon when I was vacuuming the carpet she started banging on her ceiling again. I had to sit all afternoon working on the computer in silence unable to put the TV or music on, while her music filtered through the floor. When I got up to take Seiben out and we started walking around, again she started banging on the ceiling and screaming abuse.

What she may be doing is trying to provoke Seiben to bark in order to make trouble for us by then reporting us to the council. This is despite she has a young Spaniel pup, (the replacement for the dog she had killed), which yaps and none of us complain.

Many who have seen Seiben change from the nervous, lacking in confidence dog of just over a week ago have been impressed by by how hard he has worked to become the calm and elegant WBC he is now. All his work is now at risk by a malicious and provocative campaign. At present we are living under siege and stress.

Apparently because I feel I rightly expressed my displeasure at somebody killing a beautiful dog because they wouldn’t give it the chance or opportunity to become the dog it wanted to be.

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