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Hi Paul from Crewe

Watched the morning news and an old friend from Crewe appeared. Paul Bickerton, Watch Manager from Cheshire Fire and Rescue, based in Winsford. Paul is part of the international search teams helping out in Christchurch.

Last time I spoke to Paul I think it was about some cycling thing he was training for. One thing is for certain Paul is the thoughtful level headed person you need in such a situation. All the best.


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Libya: Extreme Scenarios

When trying to predict the outcome of a complex situation, a start is to produce a broad spectrum of scenario options. So what is at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

From today’s speech. From BBC news


“Libya will become a red flame, a burning coal.”

As his supporters waved green flags, the symbol of Col Gaddafi’s rule, he said: “Life without dignity has no value, life without green flags has no value. Sing, dance and prepare yourselves.”

Or Sky news


‘Follow Me Or I Will Burn Libya’

Saif Gaddafi

Plan A live and die in Libya, Plan B live and die in Libya, Plan C live and die in Libya.

And the Colonel did like to mention the Waco siege


Somewhere in all the scenarios the security and intelligence services will be looking at an ‘extreme firework display’.


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Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

Photo from Daily Mail

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What a Tangled Mess

Here’s an article from the Daily Mail. Don’t know how true it is, but it could give some clues to the situation the UK Government etc has evolved into with Libya.



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Plane Stupid

Well the FCO announced a charter plane was on the way to Libya to pick up British nationals in Libya. They they announced it was broken down at Gatwick. Then they announced that even though a civil aircraft needs a landing permit for its destination before it takes off, They didn’t have one.

Wasn’t really a good day to announce 450 job losses at the Foreign and Common Wealth Office was it?


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How Much Does a Greek Urn?

Ran the Morecambe and Wise joke. Not a lot said Paul Daniels. Which now seems to be true, if riots and unrest are increasing in Greece as reported in the media.


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FCO Job Losses

So the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is announcing 450 job losses. No media feeds yet.

Not that there is any need at the moment for FCO.


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