Perth City Centre Snow and Ice Clearing

With snow and ice still causing difficulties for access to shops and businesses in the centre of Perth Scotland, we will provide a pavement clearing service.

When the snow fell it was assumed PKC or Tayside contracts would blitz the town centre providing the unhindered access to businesses. Maybe due to enforced cutbacks this has not been fully possible. Also there may be other priorities such has getting access to isolated and cut off communities elsewhere.

With many years experience in the construction industry, including keeping sites open during winter in some of the most inhospitable areas of the UK, Northern Scotland or high up and remotes places in the English Peak District, we can provide the same service to businesses in Perth.

We can clear all the snow and ice from outside your premises, cut paths to your door through the ‘snow banks’ along the roads. Then provide a winter long maintenance service to allow your customers, staff and deliveries access to your premises.

The more businesses who take advantage of the service the easier it will be to keep the centre of Perth open as normal no matter what the rest of the winter weather may bring.

To keep your business in Perth open and trading normally whatever the weather please contact us on 07946 033503.


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