Walk in the Park

Thanks to everyone who stops and comes over to see Seiben and myself on our travels. The attention and encouragement is really helping Seiben to acclimatise to city living.

He is proving a talented Frisbee dog. Though he brought his Frisbee when he came to stay and made a point of wanting to take it out with us, it wasn’t apparent how deep his passion ran for the sport. Thanks to all the other dogs who come over to watch and have a go with him. It is all  building up his confidence.

One of his problems when he came was pulling like a mad thing while on the lead. This is something we have been working on over the last couple of weeks. And is improving very markedly. But it is a slow calm process to change a behaviour which was so ingrained. So thanks to Zak George.

Another problem I was told Seiben had was barking at solitary figure walking towards him. On the first Sunday we were out together this was noticeable (as well as the pulling). Having been caught on a bridge with someone walking towards us I had to try some distraction technique to prevent this.

We speeded up our walking pace and Seiben didn’t bark. Now I put this down at the time to taking Seiben out of his barking phase, giving him a different set of circumstances to think about. Having watched this video by Emily Larlham, she makes the connection between the aroused state caused by the constant pulling and barking and lunging at people and other dogs.

At no point in Seiben’s training has dominance, punishment or raised voice been used. The most he gets in a negative way is a quite no, ah ah or calm naughty boy. These are used mainly as a part of a distraction. Immediately we try then to put him into a positive reinforcement for doing the behaviour we both want to aspire to.


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