Seiben Update 21st September

To: Bearded Collie Club of Scotland (Rescue)
Subject: WBC Seiben 
Seiben had an intensive weekend of activity including preparation and taking part in the Kennel Club Bronze award Good Citizen on Saturday. Followed by a trip to the Bearded Collie Club (Scotland Branch) show at Alva on Sunday. Ending by free running in woods for the first with Tully (Talraz Trail Blazer).
Expecting a hiatus from Monday onwards from his development trajectory. Seiben exhibited the greatest change in his behaviour, He did not frantically rush about on my waking requiring me to immediately go out with him. He was calm and placid allowing me to wash and have breakfast etc before taking him out.
As I had an early appointment we could only do a short walk yet Seiben did all his toilet needs within five minutes and 100 yds of the flat. Quite happy to return without a long walk.
Later when we went for our training and Frisbee exercises the most noticeable change was him deciding not to pull as much anymore and at times walking with either loose leash or a tension I could control with one finger pressure. This I attribute to the preparatory work for the Bronze Award, but most significantly the opportunity to attend the Alva show and see other calm dogs on leads and the need to be on good and calm behaviour so not as to upset the other dogs and also be friendly, social and well mannered when many people came to see him.
Monday evening I made the decision not to take the Frisbee to the North Inch and just walk him after the excitement and learning process of the weekend. This was modified by meeting Sally who did get the Bronze at the Good Citizen on Saturday and her 2 year old border collie bitch, Jura who was running free. 
Building on the experience he gained from free running with Tully I decided to take advantage of the opportunity Jura offered and allowed Seiben to run with her in a park with other dogs running free, dogs on leads, people playing ball games, joggers and cyclists. Seiben responded exceptionally and mirroring Jura’s training and obedience, recalled and came close at every opportunity when needed.
Though matched almost exactly in height, Jura as an older dog was a slightly more stocky and dominant dog, but I permitted Seiben to experience the rough and tumble of interacting with another herding dog. Seiben responded well and it was a pleasure to see two herding dogs with one another on open grass.
Later the were joined by a very large retired/rehomed/rescue greyhound (Danny) who wanted some of the action the two collies were involved in. Seiben at first curious to the size of the ‘small pony’ that had come to join them. All three were very content in each others company.
Seiben seems happy with his diet of porridge in the morning and Chappie and mixer in the evening with a small quantity of what I eat. As he may now be using more energy than previous, I have started giving him a couple of raw ribs daily to supplement his existing diet.
Seiben I presume because of his looks and size has become a magnetic for many toddlers. Seiben is very calm to almost indifference to them. In reciprocation of parents wanting their toddler to see ‘the doggie’ they have allowed their children to feed Seiben from their hand directly cheese or part digestive biscuits. With Seiben having to experience numerous and often unexpected attention from children I feel this is the best route for part of his socialisation and acclimatization to city life.
Roger Thomas
56/4 West Mill Street
07946 033503

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