Copenhagen: Why the Rush?

Over in Copenhagen the summit goes on. The Guardian reports, Climate Change Talks Stall

So what is going on there. Talk about losing 5 hours of negotiating time as African nations walk out. Negotiators working through the night ahead of heads of state arriving. Activists pushing for an agreement. What sort of agreement seems to have been forgotten,  just as long as they get an agreement.

Does it all seem bit of a lash up?

If it was so important shouldn’t there have been a bit more planning, a bit more of a measured approach, abit more forward thinking prior to the conference.

It’s looking like Changing Rooms or 60 Minute Makeover with everyone rushing to get ready for the ‘reveal’. Quality goes out of the window as priority is given to getting something done, anything, by some deadline.

Just how long have they had to prepare? What are we going to end up with? Any decision, even if it is the wrong decision?


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