Copenhagen-The Start

Well the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has started.

Understanding climate change is just a small part of the management of a planet.

‘…. Somehow the entire environmental situation has been reduced to climate change. That has been reduced to CO2, that has been reduced to carbon trading.

So if you don’t agree with carbon trading, you are a denier, a flat earther. ….’

Has effective planetary management been compromised for the benefit of the carbon trading markets?


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  1. #2 by celticlion on December 7, 2009 - 5:04 pm

    Though I believe that CO2 is part of a changing climate, as climate has changed for billions of years. What I can’t understand is the reason for cap and trade which the site also opposes.

    To me cap and trade will do nothing to provide an optimum climatic conditions for Earth, but is the solution being offered.

    Not being the best solution will just cause more problems. As yet unrealised by the many.

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