E. Coli and Childrens Zoos

Well in the UK we have a warning that children under 5 should not touch farm animals by Prof Hugh Pennington. Does this really make sense or is it just another example of ‘counter intuitive policy planning’ as Prof Jay Forrester would say.

Is the problem not that children are infected by E.Coli? But that children are so isolated from the real world that their immune system has not been stimulated to respond to outside  conditions.

Although not living on a farm I grew up in a farming village. I cannot remember the time not going out and in some way not getting some form of muck on me, as so all my friends.

Is part of the problem children from birth not being exposed to the real world, so when they touch reality they do not have the immune response to deal with it. Is the solution not as Prof Pennington says, but the opposite expose children to the real world, strengthening their immune response to it.

So hen they are exposed to it, it isn’t such a sudden shock. 

If this is the case surely the correct response should for children to have contact with reality which includes animals from as early as possible. Preparing and strengthening their immune system from birth.

  1. #1 by earwicga on September 24, 2009 - 10:01 pm

    It’s a total load of tosh! Parents are too lazy to ensure their children have their hands washed. Godstone Farm is one of the best places I have ever taken my children!

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