So There Was a Deliberate Crash

For the non followers of Formula 1, here is a brief recap of a story. A young Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet jr a few weeks ago came out with a story that he had been deliberately been told to crash. This resulted in the safety car coming out to slow all the other race cars to slow down.

The cars took an opportunity to stop and refuel. His team mate Fernando Alonso having already refuelled took advantage of this and already having refuelled went on to win the race.

When Nelson told his story he was mainly ridiculed for coming out with such a preposterous idea. Now it looks like he was telling the truth.

Did I tell you the one about a local authority who many years ago knew in advance about the 2007 UK floods? By stopping the prevention of the flooding they got a considerable amout of money. They were even helped by their local police force in a dirty tricks campaign. 

Just check, yes I did.


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