How the UK Was Flooded

Part of an email sent to a Perth and Kinross Councillor

This is a review of my work in Crewe and Nantwich. I was considered, so I was told, the new Einstein, Darwin, Galileo etc of climate change and Earth system technology.

 In 1991 Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council asked me to write an executive summary of how to change Crewe from an existing world leader in the rail industry to a world leader in global environmental management. I submitted the report, (I still have the original typed non photocopy) and gave a presentation.

 All you need to now focus on is flooding. In this report Crewe and Nantwich knew the date of the onset of catastrophic UK flooding was the 9th December 2006.

 A week later I had a message to meet a Cheshire County Council, for Crewe Central. Sorry about the borough and county councillors they are different in England.

 He was friends with a professor who had assisted me with my prediction technology. Cllr Nelson had discovered CNBC had submitted my work to the UK Government as their Economic Development Strategy, and received £10 million.

 There was never any intention of giving me the money to create the jobs, stop UK flooding and CNBC were never going to implement the strategy. They didn’t want the jobs creating as by maintaining artificially high levels of unemployment they could continue to get grants from central government to address the situation they had deliberately created.

 The councillor was a very very frightened man. He told me this was a £10 million fraud. he told me not to go to the police as Cheshire Constabulary were too close to CNBC. He told me if I ever did anything to draw attention to the fact I was the real author of the report, expose CNBC etc. I was going to be disposed of. CNBC were going to allow the UK flooding beginning 9th December 2006 to happen to cover the up how they obtained the £10 million.

 The councillor resigned put his house up for sale and moved almost immediately.

 I was between a rock and a hard place to stop the flooding and people dying I was going to have to risk my own life. 1998 came and the opportunity presented itself. The right people were surrounding me. The Mayor who was a Lib Dem councillor and had known what the Labour group were doing. Business advisors etc.

 On 15th April 1998 I was asked to attend Crewe police station voluntary. Like fool I went, I was told it was over a vague matter. I was grabbed locked up. A police officer shouted at me for an hour about things I didn’t understand or agree with. I was then tortured and nearly killed.

 Custody Seargeant Brierley told me I was going to be left to die in the cell if I didn’t sign a release paper. Close to death I signed the paper. he then took my job and business off me as police bail as a condition of my release and told me to attend South Cheshire Magistrates Court as a condition of my release in a months time and the Magistrate would sort it out.

 When I attended the CPS started telling the court I had committed a vicious assault. This was the first I knew. I week later I got disclosure from the CPS. About arrest for assault and harassment of an ex girlfriend. Statements from police officers about an arrest that never happened etc.

 When I went to court the Magistrates (Labour Councillors?) and the clerk would not permit opening statements, cross examination of the prosecution evidence, allow me to give evidence or allow closing statement.

 I lost my job, my business, my house, my entire career and was made homeless. Still being threatened by the police. I could no longer teach, do community work. I was completely destroyed. Discredited, homeless and broke.

 An ex girl friend who worked for the local authority, who knew the entire story, who imagined I didn’t want to marry her had ‘dobbed’ me up. I had always expected a gang of hired thugs with baseball bats.

 Once I got my hands on the case file. I could put it together. I had originally been a metallurgist and had worked on MoD projects. R&D, quality control, forensics. I had prepared evidence on which the Chiefs of Staff based operational decisions on. to untangle what Crewe police had done was simple bread and butter.

 In Crewe the police were working with local solicitors. In England and Wales the law is different. Under PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Everyone has a right to a solicitor paid for under the legal aid scheme when they are in a police station.

 The police get innocent members of the public, children, people who have never been in trouble before and don’t know the system. The police torture, abuse and threaten them. Then unlawfully access the Police National Computer. Here they can make up fictitious details of arrest that never happened. It doesn’t have to be on that day. They can invent one at any day. It has to be at the specific time as they cannot change the clock time of the PNC but they can change the date. Same with false incident reports giving someone an entirely fictitious criminal record.

 From this the fabricate a set of forged custody records to pretend someone has been arrested for an offence the police have made up. The custody records are given to a solicitor to sign. he signs that all procedures have been complied with and he has interviewed the client and represented them.

 Which he hasn’t. He claims his £400 or so for no more than signing his name. On a set of forged custody records which couldn’t exist if he hadn’t helped forge them. The police get a 100% clear up rate for offences they have invented in their entirety along with all the arrest paperwork and documentation.

 The innocent person is put into court. A police officer who has made a false statement gives evidence of an arrest that was never made, for an offence that never existed. The court comprised of magistrates, (other solicitors and local councillors) find the innocent person guilty to protect the police and solicitors scam.

 The police were not happy when they found out I knew how they were doing it. they sent Sergeant Reg Orret round with some of his henchmen to more or less tell me I was going to be killed if I pursued the matter.

 At this point I have a long term partner and here children and we all loved one another. But now she and the kids could be used to get at me. All I could do was go to police complaints. They refer it back to Professional Standards of Cheshire Constabulary. These have to mount a cover up to prevent their officers being charged with perjury, perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert, torture, fraud, unlawful imprisonment. The officer who mounted the cover up was Inspector Stephen Bailey.

 In January 2002 he knew 100% that the UK was going to experience catastrophic flooding. Cheshire Constabulary had to allow the UK to flood to protect their officers from very serious crimes.

 I couldn’t risk my family so had to mount a covert campaign. One of these resulted in the agenda for the 2005 G8 and the risk assessment climate change was a greater threat than terrorism. DEFRA then recommended me to advise the Cabinet Office on sustainable development aspects of Regulatory Impact Assessment. The results of some of this work has somewhat mitigated the full potential of the dangers of UK flooding.

 As the local authority wanted to cover up a £10 fraud, Cheshire police needed to cover up how they stopped a project to prevent UK flooding and the local courts how they had covered up the offences of local police officers. We were always at risk.

 My only chance to prevent the flooding was to move to Scotland and report it as a terrorist incident. Having gone through so much it was the only way I could protect the UK from what was to come.

 If I could get the resources we would be able to start implementing multiple goal strategies to help prevent the flooding. My entire criminal record had been fabricated to ensure I would not be able to get the resources and ensure catastrophic flooding occurred.

 That the UK was to be subject to deliberate and intentional flooding on or after 9th December 2006 was reported to Tayside police as a terrorist incident. They took 6 weeks to decide they could not look at the evidence.

 On 13th December 2006 the deliberately engineered catastrophe began.

In 2008 the Labour party was voted out at a by election in Crewe when the economy collapsed. What the media didn’t report was the Labour controlled council had deliberately sabotaged the local economy to ensure high levels of central government funding. Even to the extent of allowing the UK to suffer the ravages of known and preventable flooding


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  1. #1 by earwicga on September 9, 2009 - 2:43 pm

    Brave post!

    Sadly most people don’t know the half of what our police are up to!

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