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Post from Brossen 99 removed from Newsnight blog Sat 5th September 2009

It must now be clear to any political observers that Gordon Brown is the puppet of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites. Likewise Alistair Darling ( nee Panda ) who would appear to be committed to the Corporate Nazi ideology of expanding and sustaining a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites. Tough on alleged Incapacity Benefit cheats but no action to curb the embezzlement of billions by the ” socially useless ” section of financial markets as recently identified by Lord Turner. Darling is attempting to portray that a cap on bonuses will be avoided through higher basic salaries. The obvious solution is to heavily tax all derivatives trades, but with Obama scared of assassination the Corporate Nazi’s have him as their puppet also, so no chance of a global deal.


Of course it will be no better under the Tories despite the Osborne rhetoric on tougher city regulation. Perhaps its convenient to dump the FSA now that its head is no longer ” ideologically pure “, of course Boris has to object to a cap on bonuses as they are mostly in the interest of his main political sponsors. Farage’s response is typical of a party funded by the likes of hedge funds, meanwhile Vince cable is perhaps conveniently practicing the art of not being seen.

See also: http://brossen99.livejournal.com/2627.html

Surprise, surprise the man behind the new totally over the top CRB checks to allegedly protect British children is a Corporate Nazi American. Its just another expensive endless IT project ( welfare state for the stock market parasites ), and if the Tories have an ounce of integrity they will scrap the whole thing when elected

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi?

The gangofone goes on about the BNP being national socialist but has he checked out their post EU election policies recently. It would appear that they have sold out to the eco-fascists on environment policy, perhaps Griffin fancies his chances with the leader of the Greens. The rest of their policies are totally impractical and perhaps nothing at all to do with what JadedJean would prescribe. Like all elected politicians it would appear that the BNP have sold out to the Corporate Nazi cause. Perhaps its due to not being able to get a UK bank account, and despite alleged EU funding they are sending out begging letters to anyone they have contact details for.

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi

One thing I have maintained in the NN blog is that political parties are all political parties, even the BNP and Greens. Should we expect anything else from them.

Roger Thomas


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  1. #1 by ecolizzy on September 3, 2009 - 1:20 pm

    Well mim I took the time and trouble to look at your flickr site, I like the arty shots. I don’t mean to be rude but you are much older than I thought, I imagined you about 20. Love this photo… http://www.flickr.com/photos/mimpromptu/3858772558/ but in case they mod it the picture of Jez and Micheal Howard sitting at the meal together.

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