Cosmic Sanctions 1) Ridicule


The arrival of flying saucers raises important points:

1) Ridicule

If they asked world leaders how they managed the ecological systems of the planet to ensure the best conditions for the continuance of all life, we risk, literally, universal embarrassment.

The answer that they encourage people to buy and consume things. Convert the processes that support all life, into things that people don’t really need. Which they can then throw away, to get more things. Would surely be met with complete astonishment and disbelief.

To have it explained to them that the most important people on the planet were those who encouraged, provided the means and became the most powerful for this act of total stupidity, would leave them dumb with incomprehension.

That the act had nothing to do with ensuring the safety of the planet or ensuring the best for all life on the planet. But involved the wilful destruction of life and life processes, in order to create something completely useless called economic growth, would be greeted with incredulity.

The complete explanation that the leaders of the planet turned the real tangible life of the planet, into something imaginary, called economic growth. That only existed as numbers in computers. And when these numbers disappeared. The ‘real economists’ who were supposed to be experts, did know it would happen or why it happened when it did. Would leave the visitors with the opinion that the planet was being run by the insane. Everyone else unquestionably following the instructions of the clearly mad.

At best we risk Universal ridicule, if not some cosmic sectioning order under the Incapable of Running a Planet Act.

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!”

Burns-To A Louse

Celtic Lion


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