Formula 1 The New Competition

Lawyers v Engineers The F1 argument is very interesting. The controllers (the lawyers) don’t want the manufacturers to eh, manufacture cars and engines. The lawyers want cloned cars with identical engines, the difference being only the superstar drivers. (very simple explanation).

The manufacturers (the engineers) don’t want to be told they are no longer wanted. They still want to do what they do. Design and make things. So the engineers have said if don’t want us we will take our cars that we have built and we will race them against each other without you.

The lawyers then become angry and say if you take your cars and race them against each other without us we will take legal action and take you to court and sue you for � 1 billion. The lawyers say you must race our way. You can have �40 million to run your entire team build your cars and pay all your engineers.

Much clattering of computers, scientific calculators and slide rules as equations are differentiated, integration and extrapolated. That is less than one half of a Manchester United footballer, the engineers discover. The lawyers forgot that in the beginning when the engineers first built their cars and raced them against each other there were no lawyers. And now the engineers don’t want them again.


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