BBC Newsight Blog Post: Will They Ever Listen?

Prince Charles gave publicity to the work of the New Economics Foundation that global systems would crash on the climate change models only in 100 months.These were based on climate only analysis on the economic forecasts before the crash.

To get out of the recession Governments, are borrowing from this future to increase consumption.

We have to look at a whole system model not just climate and include pollution, species extinction, ( eg bees pollinate our crops and earthworms ensure fertile soil), social and political chaos etc, as well as the climate only scenarios.

This brings the extinction horizon of 100 months given by HRH much closer.

Then you had the increased destabilization, created by politicians by increasing economic consumption and growth on the planets ecological systems, and the extinction horizon moves even closer.

HRH figure then becomes potentially 43 months. With large scale human deaths and social chaos there will not be enough to maintain nuclear and toxic chemical facilities. Poisoning of the biosphere and extinction of all higher life forms for 100 million years.

It was discussed last year in Paul Mason’s blog that the economist Galbraith consider Government’s in the 29 depression reacted to the problems that had already occurred and made the situation worst.

Hawkeye Pierce introduced Pro Jay Forrester, an influence of mine, who said in complex systems very often the outcome is the opposite than that was intended.

ie by trying to stabilize the economy you destabilise the planets bio sphere and ecosystem. Extinction of all higher life forms.

Please allow a team to run the planet for the next 3 or 4 year who know what they are doing. The politicians can have it back once the mess is sorted out.

Let them run the planet with the opposite values than be proposed now ie increasing economic growth. Let them use love, wisdom, compassion, respect for all life and the journey of creation.

If know one else wants to take on the responsibility I’ll co-ordinate the team. I love this planet and all life that is part of it and don’t want to see a 4,500 billion year journey end in the next few years.

Celtic Lion


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