A Reason for Everything?

Quizzes must be like buses, you wait for ages and two come along together. So Saturday night I was asked to go to another quiz, this time in aid of EPACTS, East Perthshire Action of Chuerches Together. This was the first time I had been into town itself at night since Blairgowrie police attacked me. See Polish Up the Mind.

I was introduced to some nice ladies and they were told we had a good chance of winning. One lady confided in me that she was having problems with her sight was and couldn’t read the quiz answers on the paper. She said it had affected her confidence and hadn’t been out on her own for 6 months.

How it resonated, both of us for different reasons had lost our confidence and hadn’t been out. So with her inspiration I decided to do something about my situation. This morning I contacted a solicitors to bring about a complaint of assault against the officers from Blairgowrie police. 

But that is something for everyone. We need to have a safer better world for everyone. Just because violent  thugs are police officers doesn’t mean theyshould be allowed to get away with their crimes.

Thank you to everyone who has given me their support and best wishes. I really have appreciated it.


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  1. #1 by ecolizzy on February 24, 2009 - 8:27 am

    Good for you Roger! I hope the solicitor is a good one! No one should be intimidated like that.

    • #2 by celticlion on February 24, 2009 - 1:45 pm

      Thanks again. I have been getting lots of support. Unlike many people I have seen the justice system from the inside. It is harsh brutal full of deception and violent. If you are dealing with a aggressive or misbehaving dog. You have to be calm, but assertive. It is important to be nice and polite to them. You need to be an exemplar of the behaviour you want from them.

      The justice system works the other way. It demands respect by the right of it can punish you if you don’t give it, even if it doesn’t deserve it. It doesn’t act in a way to deserve or be due respect. You can not have a better safer society, when we have an abusive, disrespectful, violent justice system. It is not an example of how we need society to be run.
      I know many people who defend the justice system by saying if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. These people I assume have no experience or understanding of it. The justice system is there to convict people. This is based on evidence. If the evidence is not there then it will be made up. It is not about truth, or a search for truth. If is not about some warrior code, some Samurai code of integrity, honour. If the truth isn’t there to convict you, then lies will be made into truth.

      People think that truth is something like, the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That is not correct. If a police officer makes a false statement, then takes the oath in court and lies. That is the truth, because police officers don’t tell lies. So what you have to say as the truth, automatically becomes a lie.
      There is a saying something like for evil to prevail, all it requires is for good men to do nothing.

      So I will challenge the police. I want a better world and the police officers who attacked me are not the sort of people who can help build that world. Police officers should be examples and have respect because they are good people, not because they are permitted to abuse people then cover their crimes by lying.

      One of the things about challenging the system is to make it better. That is to make it better for all people. If the police did this to me, how many children and young people are being abused. What sort of example is that? Why have we got increasing violent crime rates?

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