Not An Economic Tsunami

How the commentators like to call the current situation an economic Tsunami. How wrong they are,  how none of the politicians know how much danger they are putting us in and how little they know they are doing the wrong things.

The images from the 2004 SE Asian Tsunami are still fresh in our mind and how quickly the lessons have been forgotten. Before the wave of destruction hit, the sea receded. It went out, disappeared, went into recession, a depression of the surface occurred. 

Sea Receding On Beach Before The Destructive Wave Hit

Sea Receding On Beach Before The Destructive Wave Hit

When many stood around wondering where it went, wondering when it would come back. This was the danger. Now the economic sea had receded politicians and Government’s are standing around looking at ways to create the fiscal water.

The wave of destruction is yet to hit us. The wave that will do the damage is the collapse of the planets ecological life support systems. What we are witnessing now is the economic sea moving back. So what are the politicians and the media telling us. To artificially create consumption. To use more resources, to create more waste, to create more pollution. To do more to add to the collapse of the Earth’s natural systems.

Unfortunately many of the world’s politicians and economists are making us now stand on the beach and wonder where the water went. Hopelessly trying to get it back. Seemingly oblivious to the fact the wave of ecological destruction that will kill billions is but a few years away from hitting our beach.

For solutions, consultancy and strategy to avoid the oncoming disaster please contact us or join Our Option. We need to raise £2 billion for the first phase. What is the existence of life on our planet worth?

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