Australian Bush Fires: Could They Have Been Prevented?

The news, as in NEW has been reporting on the fires in Australia. I had been following the build up for a week and did try and get a sort of warning through an email from a Bearded Collie discussion group to someone in the area on Saturday, due to Celtic Lion’s research base we did know what would happen before it did.  Quite disconcerting sitting at the other side of the world and knowing what would happen and being helpless to assist.

We had had them predicted within the official system since 1991. Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council and Cheshire County Council in the UK knew about them from that date. From the evidence Cheshire police were hired to commit a number of serious offences to ensure the prevention strategies were not implemented. Under international law this would come under terrorism related offences. But who investigates when the police are involved in terrorism. Nobody.

The UK Government did know about the bush fires in 2001. The knowledge of and how to prevent them were contained in the proposal to use the Millennium Dome London as a global environmental management centre. This was the shortlisted and favourite proposal, was the one the Government’s own consultants wanted to back and should have been the winner on the competition criteria. Unfortunately for those who died and suffered in Australia, the UK Government decided on an entertainment venue instead.

Though they don’t deny they knew about the fires plus other natural hazards and had the prevention strategy, as No 10 Downing Street’s website indicates.

How it was explained to me. Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, Cheshire County Council, Cheshire police and the UK Government all in their different ways had to oppose the prevention of natural hazards as the technology would have created so many jobs it would have undermined the control of these bodies over the economy and social systems. Tayside police did know in 2006 what would happen but decided as the offences were committed outside of Scotland they were out of their jurisdiction and decided to take no action.

Those who died in Australia were probably deliberately allowed to die just so bureaucratic systems in the UK could maintain their positions of control.

For those concerned with the state of the world please consider supporting our option.

Roger Thomas

The author is a member of the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Research Network, and contributed to 2 Nobel Prizes in 2007


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  1. #1 by TomNightingale on February 17, 2009 - 12:40 am

    If you promise to send early warnings to my granny I’ll send you a million quid every week.

  2. #2 by celticlion on February 17, 2009 - 11:11 am

    £ 1 million per week would be fantastic. For this amount please could you contact us direct and we could arrange a meeting with our accountants and legal side.

    Part of the service would be client specific services the rest would be as part of our open access research base.



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