Torture by Cheshire Police in Crewe

I was tortured by Cheshire Police at Crewe, I gather it was pretty routine. They knew I was a diabetic so locked me in a cell and refused me food until I was going unconscious. They would only allow me out the police station to get food if I signed a release form they would not let me see. I refused they refused me food. As I only had a short while before I went into a coma, I eventually signed.The words of the custody officer were he would let me die in the cell if I didn’t sign.

I got the form back 3 weeks later it was a custody record filled in with details of an arrest that never happen. Be aware of that one. The police don’t have to arrest you in reality, they can get you to a station, torture you for a signature. This also means you don’t get a solicitor. A solicitor may sign your custody record so it looks like you have had legal representation. But he may be a duty solicitor who works with the police. He can claim money for seeing you from legal aid, when he hasn’t.

I was advised by others people who had been in Crewe police station that the same team used other techniques. Mattressing. When in your cell, lights turned out to leave you in pitch black, officers burst in shining a bright light in your face to blind you. Another thin mattress thrown on you, the officers sit on it bouncing up and down, eventually as you can’t breathe in all the air is removed from your lungs and you start to asphyxiate. Of course the mattress means there are no marks left on your body.

These people are not very nice. Solicitors wont help, the trade in signing forged custody records must be lucrative enough to keep them quiet, and with solicitors involved in the torture, other solicitors will not expose a colleague to represent a client, and the courts don’t want to acknowledge the police use these methods so it is all kept quiet. When I tried to stand up to them, Cheshire police sent a Sergeant around to more or less tell me I was going to be killed if I pursued the matter. As Cheshire was no longer safe I had to move.


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