Trumps Golf Resort

I find the entire development and issues surrounding it uncomfortable. In 2002 DEFRA recommended me to the UK Cabinet Office to advise on the sustainable development aspect of the UKs legislative process involving Regulatory Impact Assessment.

I am looking at this development in terms of localised ecoonomic, social and environmental factors.

These relatively short term, in an overall strategy for Scotland, set against global trends and development.

What may only result in a short term local gain for the North East in the economic factor, offset by a loss in social and environmental areas could result in a loss across economic, social and environmental factors for Scotland as a whole in a long term strategy.

The dragging down of Scotland, as a whole, affecting the North East and negating any benefits they think they may achieve.

The complexities of full sustainable development seem to have been ignored in the rush for the ‘quick fix’ $

Very worrying.


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