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Celtic Lion – Rhidian Was Here

Well Rhidian turned up this afternoon!!

This Rhidian


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Not A Lot of People Know That

The Fukushima Nuclear Complex had only half the design strength to cope with the earthquake last week, measured in ground acceleration.


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Perth City Centre Snow and Ice Clearing

With snow and ice still causing difficulties for access to shops and businesses in the centre of Perth Scotland, we will provide a pavement clearing service.

When the snow fell it was assumed PKC or Tayside contracts would blitz the town centre providing the unhindered access to businesses. Maybe due to enforced cutbacks this has not been fully possible. Also there may be other priorities such has getting access to isolated and cut off communities elsewhere.

With many years experience in the construction industry, including keeping sites open during winter in some of the most inhospitable areas of the UK, Northern Scotland or high up and remotes places in the English Peak District, we can provide the same service to businesses in Perth.

We can clear all the snow and ice from outside your premises, cut paths to your door through the ‘snow banks’ along the roads. Then provide a winter long maintenance service to allow your customers, staff and deliveries access to your premises.

The more businesses who take advantage of the service the easier it will be to keep the centre of Perth open as normal no matter what the rest of the winter weather may bring.

To keep your business in Perth open and trading normally whatever the weather please contact us on 07946 033503.

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The Celtic Lion Review of the Week 3rd September 2010

Well it has been an interesting and full week. First having just moved into new premises, Celtic Lion would like to thank the kind donation of an internet connection. Here are some of the results.

Many know that having worked on the set up of the UK climate models which contributed to the 2007 Nobel Prize I have been critical of the way they were set up and the results. Change in the weather is a review of the media this week on the subject.

Stephen Hawking this week dismissed the need for God in the creation of the Universe. This is our response on the subject. Our highest ranked page of the week with over 100 views in the first 24 hours. It relates cosmology with sustainable planetary management. The contained links may be of interest.

Heard this artist on Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Beautiful voice, interesting background and lyrics.

Had a conversation last week about the mathematician John Nash, him of the Russell Crowe film Beautiful Mind. Here is an article from our sister site Applied Planetary Engineering, written in the ranting style of the Scottish blogosphere at the time. Again it is links within links, go as far as you want. some may not work as we have not checked for 3 years

Well it has been a big week for dog psychology for me with a guest staying. Here is our highest rated article on the subject and more. Part of Ruskin’s legacy Page 4. More than just psychology, it covers part of the history and ecology of Perthshire, so may be of interest outside the dog world. For those with dogs it may just help prevent you losing your dog.

And finally as a result of the correspondence as regards the above my friend sent me this picture. Cutest dog picture of the week. All say aahh.

Thanks, have a good weekend


Celtic Lion 07946 033503

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A few videos people have made of and around Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. God made round here first then used the bits left over so make the rest of the world. These are a tribute to our home.

For more please also visit

For Coupar Angus, this is a video that takes in the road movie concept.

The Coupar Angus Horse Fair is backed and supported by experts from the equine world and with knowledge of native Scottish breeds. These are notes from my own area of interest dogs, more specificlly the Scottish Working Bearded Collie.

This is an article that starts to reconcile many areas. The evolution and ecology of the breed, in relation to it’s natural environment, changes in and the history of farming, geography, psychology and training.  


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Criminal Record Checks

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about” or variations on the phrase is used by some people to describe their feeling over criminal records checks or ID cards.

Though well meaning, this is a naivety born out of a lack of experience. What many people don’t realise is that police officers are permitted to access the Police National Computer and enter false data about a member of the public, without telling the person concern. Police Officers are allowed to access the PNC and quite simply give someone a made up criminal history.

Here is a real set of incident reports. As in real police paperwork, the incident reports not being real though. Just made up, fiction, a fantasy.  The police access the PNC file false incident reports so later they can forge arrest and custody records. This allows them later to send police officers in to court and lie on oath. Give evidence of an arrest, that only ever existed in their imagination and the unlawful entries they make in the police computer system.

Look at the official police record first. Can you spot the falsifications?  It might help if you have a calculator or a pen and paper. 

Then read the chronological analysis for the result. Do you agree with it? The entire case is fictitious, just look at the numbers. 

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports

A Real Cheshire Police Log of Incident Reports


Assessment of the Police Log

Assessment of the Police Log


This is an example from Crewe Police in Cheshire. It is part of a Trojan prosecution made up in it’s entirety by the police. A large scale project was being undertaken  to verify UK flood models and if they were correct implement the prevention strategy.

Certain individuals and organisations had an interest in ensuring the flood models were not verified to ensure the UK would suffer catastrophic flooding. Crewe police agreed to forge an entire designer prosecution package to shut the project down.

Police officers are permitted to enter the Police National Computer and make false entries if it allows the conviction of innocent members of the public who have not committed any offence, not been arrested for any offence or charged with any offence.

It is possible for members of the public to approach a police officer and have them give another person a false criminal history if they want to make them lose their job or close their business etc. Or in this case ensure predicted flooding was not prevented.


The author was originally a metallurgist and material scientist. He has worked on forensics, quality control and R&D. He has prepared evidence for the MoD and was part of the group which set up the new generation of UK climate models which contributed to the 2007 Nobel Prize.

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2004 Tsunami Update

My thanks to those who have been following the Tsunami story. First the UK Government did have a proposal to have a Tsunami early warning system in the 2001 competition to find the best use for the Millennium Dome London as part of a project to establish a global environmental management centre on the Greenwich site.

This was a reworking of a project presented and at the request of Crewe and Nantwich, to create a transition that would take the area from being a world leader in the railway industry to one on planetary environmental management.

Families have now been  contacted with some of the evidence to show how the project was blocked or rejected.

The UK Government to be fair cannot and in fact do not deny they had plans for an early warning system which they rejected in favour of a casino and music venue idea at the Millennium Dome.

To generate income to fund a project to stop similar events occuring in the future and provide a means of explaining how the project was blocked and rejected. TV and film production companies are now being written to with an offer of the full documented story.

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At Least 3 UK Cabinet Ministers Know of an Early Warning System Prior to the 2004 SE Asia Tsunami

Three Cabinet Ministers know the UK Government turned down a Tsunami early warning system, to be based in the UK, prior to the 2004 South East Asia Tsunami. The early warning system was part of the proposal to use the Millennium Dome as a centre for global environmental management.

Comfirmation of Knowledge of Tsunami warning008

The early warning system was part of the proposal MP2, Millennium Project 2, which was shortlisted by the consultants running the competition. Part of the proposal later emerged in 2005 as the agenda of the Perthshire G8, climate change and Africa.

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The Lion Rampant

Article NewStart 18th January 2008




The Lion Rampant


Three days after the warning in the final paragraph global markets collapsed

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Celtic Lion Newsnight

A place for BBC Newsnight bloggers to come and put their thoughts they might want others to know, which they think might not fit with the BBC Newsnight Blog. Celtic Lion understands. Feel free to post. The first time you post it automatically comes to be moderated, after that just be respectful to others.

Post from Brossen 99 removed from Newsnight blog Sat 5th September 2009

It must now be clear to any political observers that Gordon Brown is the puppet of the Corporate Nazi stock market parasites. Likewise Alistair Darling ( nee Panda ) who would appear to be committed to the Corporate Nazi ideology of expanding and sustaining a virtual welfare state for the stock market parasites. Tough on alleged Incapacity Benefit cheats but no action to curb the embezzlement of billions by the ” socially useless ” section of financial markets as recently identified by Lord Turner. Darling is attempting to portray that a cap on bonuses will be avoided through higher basic salaries. The obvious solution is to heavily tax all derivatives trades, but with Obama scared of assassination the Corporate Nazi’s have him as their puppet also, so no chance of a global deal.


Of course it will be no better under the Tories despite the Osborne rhetoric on tougher city regulation. Perhaps its convenient to dump the FSA now that its head is no longer ” ideologically pure “, of course Boris has to object to a cap on bonuses as they are mostly in the interest of his main political sponsors. Farage’s response is typical of a party funded by the likes of hedge funds, meanwhile Vince cable is perhaps conveniently practicing the art of not being seen.

See also:

Surprise, surprise the man behind the new totally over the top CRB checks to allegedly protect British children is a Corporate Nazi American. Its just another expensive endless IT project ( welfare state for the stock market parasites ), and if the Tories have an ounce of integrity they will scrap the whole thing when elected

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi?

The gangofone goes on about the BNP being national socialist but has he checked out their post EU election policies recently. It would appear that they have sold out to the eco-fascists on environment policy, perhaps Griffin fancies his chances with the leader of the Greens. The rest of their policies are totally impractical and perhaps nothing at all to do with what JadedJean would prescribe. Like all elected politicians it would appear that the BNP have sold out to the Corporate Nazi cause. Perhaps its due to not being able to get a UK bank account, and despite alleged EU funding they are sending out begging letters to anyone they have contact details for.

By Gordon Pye author of Corporate Nazi

One thing I have maintained in the NN blog is that political parties are all political parties, even the BNP and Greens. Should we expect anything else from them.

Roger Thomas

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